Monday, January 7, 2008

Warning for The Digital Model by Isobella Jade

So it is easy to download your photo and become a model, there are now tons of modeling websites you can join, but still don't think you are a model by doing so!

If you want to be in a magazine, or ad campaign, or be discovered you might want to pay attention because self discovery is more important than BEING discovered as a model. It seems everyone wants to be a model and can on the Internet but be careful and weary when it comes to networking, booking jobs and getting ahead. Girls have been killed, raped, and been mislead from experiences they have had modeling through the web. I think modeling is something you should talk about, to your family and friends, and the main thing is to ask a lot of questions and to go with your gut, because modeling in a digital age means it is easy for those who also do not mean well to get ahead too. Modeling is about modeling a product or image, for a magazine, ad campaign, and there are many people who take advantage of models, and girls, especially petite models, who want to get please be careful when you are marketing yourself.

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