Friday, January 11, 2008

Three things that Matter to a Model

1. Images: Your photos are what sell you so before you focus on getting an agency, or modeling agent, focus on your pictures. Even stretch yourself and try to get a tear sheet or some modeling work before you try to pitch an agency, and or try to get a comp card printed. It means a lot to show you can work as a model with work you have already done, if you are approaching an agency.

2. Skin: No matter how tall you are your skin is important, it can get you work as a print model and for the short models out there your skin can end up being your best asset.

3. Your energy! It will take a lot of work to get ahead as a model and beat the odds. The persistance, research, hustling, marketing that it involves is intense and overwhelming sometimes, but stay focused, and make goals for yourself. No matter your height there is in fact work for you but you have to seek out the options that are available for you. Print work, body part modeling, lingerie model, commercial modeling, and anything that invovles your personality.

Good luck!
isobella jade

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