Sunday, January 27, 2008

Petite Modeling Tips: The Short Model Mentality Gone!

So your short, so you have some crappy photos, and you don't have an agent? Well there is still thetime and energy you can put into your pursuits and change some of that...especially how you look at your modeling career, and create a better plan for yourself. The first step is understanding the type of modeling that WILL work for you. Sometimes this means accepting what wont and working with what you got!
You might not get any taller but when you want something you fight for it, and you focus on your chances and where they fall. This might not be on the runway, and this might involve infact being a shoe model, hand model ,body parts model, doing hair modeling, and understanding that the vision of that fashion world isn't up your alley, but there is a path for you if you seek it and modeling is possible if you are honest with yourself. And Realistic about yourself as a model and what you really can do as a model. What is in reach.


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