Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Petite Modeling- Setting Goals

A lot of girls want to model and they turn to the Internet but they do not set goals for themselves. Here are a few thoughts to consider when you are curious about modeling. And the answers can help you set your goals.

1. What types of ads do you admire?
2. Do you notice the type of editorials and ads that do not involve height? Such as, hand modeling, shoe modeling, editorials in women's and fitness magazines? Hair magazines?
3. Do you know what type of products you want to model? Modeling isn't just about YOU, your face or your body either, it is also about how well you can sell a product, how you model that handbag, how you sell it.

Modeling is more than height and weight, it is about using your personality, energy and effort to make your self a model too. No matter the doubt, there is modeling out there for you. Ask yourself if you are seeking it out? Do you have the marketing tools you need? Are you being aggressive towards your own goals? Are you getting goals?

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