Sunday, January 20, 2008

Petite Modeling Mentality

It is tough out there, it is hard to promote you, especially in a business of tall standards but if you focus on print modeling there is a lot of work you can get. Alot of girls want agencies before they even try to get some modeling work on their own and I think it is key to get your marketing tools, do your research and even in your own hometown there is modeling work for you with or without your agent and you can keep your clothes on too. A lot of girls think big, which is good, but when you are launching into modeling, learning about it and building a portfolio the smaller gigs really do matter. So take up work in newspapers, or modeling for smaller growing brands, smaller shops, stores, business's and brands, which will help you get work with bigger brands. These days modeling is about self serving, it isn't only about having an agent, so aim high but the baby steps and can lead you in the right direction by just focusing on the modeling you can do to gain a tearsheet and start building a book. You need to prove to those who will hire you that YOU CAN MODEL, so it is best not to wait....with or without the agent, you can research photographers, and brands, magazines, newspapers all near by which might have some work for you.

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