Friday, January 25, 2008

Petite Modeling Advice: Time to Get Your Poses Right!

A lot of petite models, limit themselves by having the same pose, the same photo over and over, and feeling even awkward trying new things. If your photos are what sell you, (which is true) than you need to create images with photographers that really will benefit you!

Start with these ideas for new poses:

1. The current L'Oreal ad for H I P makeup involves a beautiful beauty shot with green eye shadow liner and apeacock feather, I thought this was very inventive and sexy.

2. When you are shooting while wearing lingerie, keep the La Perla, or Victoria Secret catalog handy or even a Hanes ad, having a sample of the pose will help, and try to include couches, vintage chairs and create an atmosphere for your shoot beyond standing there infront of a backdrop of a plain white canvas. Yuck! Get creative and start noticing ads and catalogs and what is being shot in ad campaigns.
Even a simple shot of your behind, or you stomach or laying on a couch can be very beautiful.

3. Include Jewelry, watches, sunglasses, or even let the photographer shoot you while you paint your toe nails. It could start to look like an editorial shot for Cosmo. I love crop shots, shots that only involve a girls hand against her facewearing pretty jewelry or a watch...with natural skin, and beautiful sunlight, it looks elegant and sexy and looks like an Ad.

You need to think about the type of modeling you want to do, and if you are a petite model, there is a lot of modeling you can do, just because you are petite, short or not as tall as a runway model doesn't mean there isn't modeling work for you. Petite models just need to use what they Got and apply it to products, because becoming another Internet model wont get you as far as you could go!

Start planning for bigger things, make goals, and start them!

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