Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Modeling tips to be Beauty and Eco savvy

These are three tips for being savvy when it comes to getting ready for shoots and your day as a model. Because even though it feels good to pamper yourself, you can also be aware of these earth helping ideas for models.

1. Water, don't leave it running while you brush your teeth and shave your legs, turn it on when you are ready to spit or wash off the soap or shaving cream.

2. Toilet Paper, to blot your lips, clean up your makeup mistakes or running mascara don't over do it with rolling a mile of toliet paper. Use only what you need, not only do you save money by not having to by more rolls more often, but you help the earth too.

3. Recycle please! Beware of just dumping your makeup wrappers or packaging in the trash, try to recycle as much paper products and plastic as you can!


Don't think the world runs around you, the world runs on how well we, human beings take care of it! Even models can do these little things that mean a lot!

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