Sunday, January 27, 2008

Modeling Tips: Submitting to an Online Casting

Jagger Kaye has affordable acting classes but also he gives honest advice for submitted yourself to an electronic casting and how to remember that when submitting online there are some hints and tricks and even things to beware of!

"When you are submitting to someone online, think of these suggestions:

#1. Your email address should be yourname@wherever. com instead of sWeEtChiCk59457@ wherever. com. You want people to remember your name & have the ability to remember what your email address is. This is indeed a business & you need to make things as easy as possible for a booker to remember how to contact you.

#2. Label ALL your files (photo, resume, reviews) with your name instead of myface.jpg. Once again you want your name to be remembered & it is a nightmare to receive 100's of files that have "meclose.jpg" or
"newresume.pdf" .
Due to recent projects, I have received over 1,000 pieces of electronic mail from email addresses like "CoOlChikK9512235" with files like "" .

Remember this is a business & our name should be the utmost of importance to you & not your nickname & locker combination ... ;)

#3. Be aware of the file size of your images. Sending a photo that is 1mb or above is unprofessional. No image should be over 500kb. All a large file does is either fill a mailbox, get bounced back to you because it cannot fit in the allowed inbox or annoy the person you are sending to.
If you do not know how to reduce your file size than ask somebody who does.

Again this is a business & you need to know what you are sending.

Good luck members.

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Jagger "

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