Friday, January 25, 2008

Modeling Tips: Acting the Part of a Model

Sometimes my castings lead me to buy the most weirdest items last minute. Yesterday I had to buy socks! I actually didn't have the basic white sock and I needed to get crew socks for my casting. There have been other moments when I had to even buy a skirt because I wasn't home and got a casting to go to a shoe showroom and for shoe castings you usually need to wear a skirt. Thank god for H&M 20 dollars skirts, and Forever21 when you are in a rush and don't want to spend a lot but look acceptable.

The moral of these stories are that freelance modeling and hustling as a petite model can mean sometimes last minute buys. Unless you can carry heels, skirts, extra socks, etc in your bag, beware that these things add up, so when you shop consider your modeling jobs and shop for items you might need at last minute like lotion, hair clips, pantyhose, and even a leotard!

Modeling castings are not just about showing your portfolio it sometimes involves also having the right outfit on or looking as close to What they are looking for as possible. For example...if you are going to a casting for a skincare company, you might want to not wear a bra or tight clothing, because the lines will look really bad when the casting director takes your photo. Yes you might leave your compcard, but the image they take of you in person counts be prepared for your castings and auditions with knowing that bringing your modeling portfolio book isn't enough, you have to bring the energy, the idea, the concept, and the outfit they are looking to book. The closer you look to their idea, the more your odds will be that you will book it.


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