Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Modeling advice: Following up on your gigs

It is important to follow up on your modeling jobs, to stay in touch with your agency, and bookers, and to look for your work because you need the tear sheet and credit in your portfolio and on your reel. Here are some tips when it comes to collecting your hard earned work!

1. When booking the job, ask your agent or the person booking you, "When will this be published, air, or be seen?"

2. Understand that magazines and TV networks have deadlines but they also plan months in advance. It might seem weird to shoot something now that might not be seen for 4 months, or longer, but it happens often.

3. Don't wait around dwelling on this job, stay busy and keep adding work to your portfolio. Because that one tear sheet in a magazine you are waiting for, and one job on a commercial or working with a brand, will only lead to more but you need to self promote and evene if the tear sheet or job you did isn't available, you can still mention it to book another gig and push your other goals.

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