Monday, January 28, 2008

Modeling Advice-At the Photoshoot

Here are some modeling tips for when you are preparing for a shoot or at the shoot already!

1. Appearance:
If your legs are not completely smooth, put on some baby oil, just a few drops, don't over do it now, or rub some Shea butter on your legs, if your skin is dry, don’t apply makeup before you get to the shoot and over do the powder, the photographer will have to eventually see what you look like without makeup so don’t even come wearing it or too much, instead prepare by putting moisture on your face. I once got yelled at by a makeup artist for putting body cream on my face, but if it is all you have on you it is better than nothing, so come with your face clean and fresh or with some cream applied. Don’t fret over a few unshaven hairs on your ankles, and don’t worry if your eyebrows aren’t perfect, you can touch all that up hopefully in Photoshop, thank god for it, but don’t over do that either!

2. Posing and Planning:
Have a plan for the shoot, discuss outfits, have makeup picked out, shoes, etc, don’t wait until last minute because it also saves time and gives you more time to shoot than plan what you will wear. When you pose try to mix it up, let each outfit speak and bring a new personality and theme.

3. Ask about the images and getting the images in print or on the CD before hand. Don’t wait to ask questions until you are out the door and you then have no idea when you will get the shots you just spent hours taking.

4. Clean up, I don’t mean the lighting equipment or do the photographer’s job but clean up such as don’t leave makeup dust, your clothing lying around. Don’t be a messy model, put things away after you use them and remember the photo studio isn’t yours, so don’t treat it like a pig sty!

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