Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Model Actor, the titles we carry

I am a model! I am an actor. Really our titles should be that we are storytellers. Acting should be called Storytelling instead of people saying, " I'm an actor," they should say maybe " I portray emotion and tell stories on screen for a living,/ or on the stage." A lot of girls claim they are models because they have done one photoshoot, without considering that Yes a girl can be a model and model herself in a magazine but also modeling has more to do with the commercial world, and modeling a product, or portraying a story for an editorial or ad campaign, so the title of MODEL and Actor are a very narrow minded titles. I think the moment a model stops trying so hard, and just tries to tell a story more than getting stiff holding a pose, the photo comes alive, I think when an actor forgets he is acting and just brings her, or his experiences to the scene, or creative mindset to portray the character, that is when a real story is told!

When you create your modeling portfolio or acting reel, try to focus on jobs and photo shoots and films that allow you to really share more than just one part of you, I think while striving in this business people forget to use their soul too.

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