Thursday, January 10, 2008

Men's Products worth Considering for Models

There are 4 products I love, which are men's products, I think lotions are too droopy and shaving creams for woman are too bland. Women's products can be weak and not really long lasting so I need a tough shaver, deodorant, creams, and these items are my favorite boyfriends' tools!

1. Schick Xtreme3 triple blade razor. I need a very tough shaver for my last minute castings that involve legs and woman's do not to the trick always in one swipe!

2. SpeedStick- Irish Spring Icy Blast- I love this Deodorant and I like that is really does last all day.

3. Gillette Series-after shave gel, so I don't shave my fave but this gel is great for your legs after shaving! It makes your legs even smoother and I love it!

4. L'Oreal men's expert Vita Lift cream, this is a cream that is easy to apply and rubs in quickly. One thing I hate is rubbing and rubbing my face cream, but men's cream rub in a lot quicker!

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