Monday, January 21, 2008

The Job before the Agency

I think the best thing to do to get an agent is not to wait. There is a lot of modeling work you can do regardless of your height but sometimes thinking unconventionally and even backwards can get you in the modeling agency door. Why not try to get a tearsheet first, get a compcard first, skip open calls and try to submit your photos to magazines, brands, and companies you want to work with. Not just agencies, but the actual product. Modeling is a lot like starting a business and it can mean sometimes doing the work to get the tearsheets and impressive resume and credits you need that will help to get you in the door to an agency. Think about it this way...isn't it nicer to tell an agent, " I have worked with three magazines this year and I do not have an agent and I would love to work with you." This shows you are driven, and self serving, you are passionate and focused. It will get you representation. For example: I had three tearsheets of my own, before I had an agency working with me.

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