Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting the most out of your Photo shoots

Modeling has a lot to do with timing and not wasting time. So when you are at your photo shoots make sure you come away with these three things:

1. At least three photos you can use which are different.

2. A feeling like you improved yourself as a model, your portfolio and your modeling future

3. Something you don't have. A lot of girls shoot the same thing, same style, same pose over and over, it makes a comp card and portfolio look very bland!

The worst thing is working with the wrong people, and not getting what you want, so it is best to come prepared to a shoot with all the accessories you need, shoes, handbags, etc, to make a photo look as if it is an ad. That is my goal when I shoot, I make sure the shot looks like it says something. Whether it is in my eyes or a product I am holding and modeling with.

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