Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fashion Modeling and Petite Modeling

These days modeling is more about making it happen for yourself, sure it would be easy and grand to be working with a high fashion modeling agency that sends you out on castings for ad campaigns and editorials each day, but in todays digital world now a petite woman can find herself a model fairly quickly. Fashion modeling isn't the limit, there is so much modeling a petite sized female can do. The world is becoming more and more commercialized and retail and beauty products are being more open minded when it comes to height. Especially since ethnic models ( who are usually petite are getting more and more work). If you were told you were too short, it is something you need to kick out of your mind and modeling pursuits and start rocking your own runway every day with great photos that flaunt your energy, personality and unqiue look, because THAT is what sells, and start marketing yourself in ways that will benefit you easily.

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