Thursday, January 31, 2008

You look so Young- Teen Modeling

So your really 25 but you look 16.....There are also magazines that need girls/ and shorter models for their prom dress modeling, etc. I would focus not on only being sexy and fashion like but because of your height focus also on posing for teen based magazines like Teen Vogue. So if you look young this could be you! Try to also include some photos in your portfolio that show you in a prom dress or in an teen like atmosphere, sipping a soda, laughing on the phone, doing somethign teen like. It could lead to a tearsheet in a teen magazine.

Don't Forget Hand Modeling!

Recently I applied to a job to hand double for a seriously known actress and these kind of opportunities can lead to even bigger roles. Petite models can use their hands alone to get into the modeling or acting door and start to build a resume!

Modeling isn't just posing your body, it is also using your parts!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Internet Model vs. the Commercial Print Model

Using the Internet to get a head as a model can be a tricky thing, listen into hear my advice about the difference between working as a model through the Internet and working as a model with agencies and fighting the Industry standards.


I found this article about putting together a comp card interesting and it shares information also about how to get ideas for your shoots, and shares ideas about styling your shoots and how looking in magazines to get inspired is a good idea. I talk a lot about self serving and this article can inspire you to start getting active within your modeling pursuits and I know for a fact this advice and perspective will get you ahead. Modeling can be as simple as just "laughing with your friends at a local diner," and having a photographer take some photo of you, it looks like something that would be in Cosmo magazine. Although there is so much more to also consider for no matter your age or height! The more your shots look like a commercial ad, the more you work with quality photographers (I always push this!) then you will have a bigger chance when submitting to a modeling agency to start booking work on commercials and in magazines. Read ahead for the inspiration and insight!


Interview with Aaron Marcus

What is a composite sheet?

A composite sheet, or comp or zed card is the primary way commercial models get bookings. In today’s market, many agents also utilize a web site for marketing models. A comp is a collection of photographs that shows the variety of ways a model can look. These photos are key that unlocks the door to getting work. One way to get cast for a commercial modeling job is for an agent to submit your comp to a photographer or an art/creative director at an ad agency. Comps are also used at go-sees (auditions for the model).

How many photos should a card have?

The most basic composite sheet will have a head shot on one side and two or three different types of photos on the back. The most common size is 5 x 7. However, there is no set rule on how a comp must look. The size, shape, appearance and the amount of photos on a card is limited only by the model's imagination.

How do you know what shots to take?

Deciding on the image or images that fit you best might be the hardest part of the whole process of putting together a composite sheet. Ask agents, casting agents, photographers, art/creative directors and friends how they see you being cast. Consider their input, but you need to make the final decision. You must figure out how you want to present yourself to the world.

Are you best cast as the grandparent type, student, athlete, teacher, plumber, lawyer, mom? Do you look right roasting marshmallows around a campfire, sitting behind an office desk - or both?
Think about the types of photos that would best display those images. To help with ideas, look through:

$ Magazines
$ Agents' web sites (these publications show photos of the models they work with)
$ Newspaper ads
$ Junk mail
$ Photographers' showcase books (photographers pay to have their work shown in the books to generate business for themselves)
One directory is called the American Photographer Showcase. Another is called The Creative Black Book. The Workbook is also a wonderful publication. These books can be found in camera stores, art schools, some public libraries, at advertising agencies and on-line.

Any suggestions on how to create interesting photos?

Since the shots for your composite sheet don't have words, make sure each photograph itself tells the story. Even better, create a photo that shows more than one story. If you want to present yourself as a mom and a businesswoman, the photo might show you walking up the steps to your house wearing a business suit, carrying a briefcase, while your child runs to meet you. Take your time and be creative in thinking of different scenarios for your shots.

Magazines are a great source of ideas. Find the magazine that will feature the look you want. For example: Parents Magazine is great for shots of parents and kids. For business images, look through investment magazines.

The ads can give you information on how to style the shot and what props are needed. Props are items placed on the set to make the ad look real. For example, if the ad is supposed to take place in an auto garage, tools, oil cans, towels, grease guns, and auto parts would be appropriate props.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to make the photos look like ads. Do not pose for the camera. Show a wide range of expression for the different photos.

Having strong pictures for your comp will give you your greatest chance for getting work.

Aaron Marcus is a full-time actor and commercial model with 1105 bookings (to date). His web site, offers free industry information including jobs and auditions on the forum section. He is the author of How to Become a Successful Commercial Model, writes the Tear Sheet, acting and modeling newsletter and travels the globe offering his The Best Way to Get Work As An Actor And Commercial Model seminar. You can visit his site for more details.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Modeling Perspective from an Unexpected Model: Making voice for the Commercial Print Modeling World

I recently caught up with Aaron Marcus, whose website is an inspirational voice for aspiring models, and he is an insightful public speaker when it comes to gaining honest advice about working in the commercial print modeling world. His realistic approach towards the modeling industry has nothing to do with being tall, or being the most attractive person or being a certain standard, instead his mindset is all about being yourself as he encourages you to understand that "Many successful commercial models look like everyday people."

So Aaron...

1. When in your pursuits did you understand that as a model, you didn't have to be a certain standard?
When I first got started, I had no idea what the statistics were for modeling. I was pretty fortunate, and starting getting some small jobs pretty quickly. I never had an interest in fashion work, so I didn't even learn about the fashion world until after I was already working as a commercial model.

2. What has been the most surprising or defining job that proved that modeling could work for you?
I guess, when I stood in line at a go-see in NY with literally hundreds of other models, and wound up booking a job that sent me to Hawaii for a shoot.

3. At what age did you start modeling and how has modeling changed for you over the years?
I started at the young of 29. I find that with the Internet, many agents are doing many more things on line, instead of physically mailing out comp cards.

4. Why did you want to make a voice for commercial print modeling?
I found there were so many women who wanted to model but thought that they didn't have a chance because they didn't have the "perfect" height or weight in order to model. I was able to teach people through my seminars and my book, "How to Become a Successful Commercial Model", that there is modeling available for everyone.

Another reason for wanting to help models is because I saw a number of teenage girls who were beautiful and looked great, but were rejected by the fashion world. They were crushed. I was asked by them how they could lose more weight. I told them that they looked great, and should not consider making any physical changes to their body type. It was such a nice feeling for me to have an impact on their lives.

5. I agree, I don’t think a person should have to change themselves physically and instead focus on what they do have that can help to make them a model. So, what are three tips you can give an aspiring "girl/ or guy next door" model?
Make sure you learn how to create strong commercial photos, and not just posed shots for the camera. Make your photos look like ads, and show a variety of expressions and emotions.
It is very refreshing to speak to you and I enjoy your perspective and thanks for your time Aaron.

To find Aaron’s book visit his website here

Thanks for answering my questions Aaron and you prove that modeling is beyond height!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Modeling Advice-At the Photoshoot

Here are some modeling tips for when you are preparing for a shoot or at the shoot already!

1. Appearance:
If your legs are not completely smooth, put on some baby oil, just a few drops, don't over do it now, or rub some Shea butter on your legs, if your skin is dry, don’t apply makeup before you get to the shoot and over do the powder, the photographer will have to eventually see what you look like without makeup so don’t even come wearing it or too much, instead prepare by putting moisture on your face. I once got yelled at by a makeup artist for putting body cream on my face, but if it is all you have on you it is better than nothing, so come with your face clean and fresh or with some cream applied. Don’t fret over a few unshaven hairs on your ankles, and don’t worry if your eyebrows aren’t perfect, you can touch all that up hopefully in Photoshop, thank god for it, but don’t over do that either!

2. Posing and Planning:
Have a plan for the shoot, discuss outfits, have makeup picked out, shoes, etc, don’t wait until last minute because it also saves time and gives you more time to shoot than plan what you will wear. When you pose try to mix it up, let each outfit speak and bring a new personality and theme.

3. Ask about the images and getting the images in print or on the CD before hand. Don’t wait to ask questions until you are out the door and you then have no idea when you will get the shots you just spent hours taking.

4. Clean up, I don’t mean the lighting equipment or do the photographer’s job but clean up such as don’t leave makeup dust, your clothing lying around. Don’t be a messy model, put things away after you use them and remember the photo studio isn’t yours, so don’t treat it like a pig sty!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Modeling Tips: Submitting to an Online Casting

Jagger Kaye has affordable acting classes but also he gives honest advice for submitted yourself to an electronic casting and how to remember that when submitting online there are some hints and tricks and even things to beware of!

"When you are submitting to someone online, think of these suggestions:

#1. Your email address should be yourname@wherever. com instead of sWeEtChiCk59457@ wherever. com. You want people to remember your name & have the ability to remember what your email address is. This is indeed a business & you need to make things as easy as possible for a booker to remember how to contact you.

#2. Label ALL your files (photo, resume, reviews) with your name instead of myface.jpg. Once again you want your name to be remembered & it is a nightmare to receive 100's of files that have "meclose.jpg" or
"newresume.pdf" .
Due to recent projects, I have received over 1,000 pieces of electronic mail from email addresses like "CoOlChikK9512235" with files like "" .

Remember this is a business & our name should be the utmost of importance to you & not your nickname & locker combination ... ;)

#3. Be aware of the file size of your images. Sending a photo that is 1mb or above is unprofessional. No image should be over 500kb. All a large file does is either fill a mailbox, get bounced back to you because it cannot fit in the allowed inbox or annoy the person you are sending to.
If you do not know how to reduce your file size than ask somebody who does.

Again this is a business & you need to know what you are sending.

Good luck members.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

Jagger "

Find his classes here:

www.AffordableActingClasses. com
www.actorsfirstny-guestbook. com

Petite Modeling Tips: The Short Model Mentality Gone!

So your short, so you have some crappy photos, and you don't have an agent? Well there is still thetime and energy you can put into your pursuits and change some of that...especially how you look at your modeling career, and create a better plan for yourself. The first step is understanding the type of modeling that WILL work for you. Sometimes this means accepting what wont and working with what you got!
You might not get any taller but when you want something you fight for it, and you focus on your chances and where they fall. This might not be on the runway, and this might involve infact being a shoe model, hand model ,body parts model, doing hair modeling, and understanding that the vision of that fashion world isn't up your alley, but there is a path for you if you seek it and modeling is possible if you are honest with yourself. And Realistic about yourself as a model and what you really can do as a model. What is in reach.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Petite Modeling Tips: Escaping the Internet Model title

Here are some clues that you might be obsessed with being an Internet Model:

Are you accepting any shoot?

Do you spend way too much time staring at your modeling page?

Do you count every hit and read every comment 5 times?

Do you ask for comments like dogs ask for a bone?

Here are some tips on how to become MORE than an Internet Model:

Ask yoursef Why do you want to model
Ask yourself what do you think will be easy and hard about starting to model?
Start to research modeling agencies in your town
Start to become your own agent:
Take notice of ad campaigns, and magazine editorials, commercials and try to notice how the model is posing, who the photographer is, and look at your images and see how they are different or the same.
Start to plan shoots that involve products, or an editorial theme, with clothing, makeup and the concept planned out
Start to focus on getting a great headshot, face shot, and have the features that make you stand out photographed.
Make sure you shoot wearing all types of clothing. jeans. swimwear, sunglasses, handbags, don't limit your portfolio
Do your images say something or speak, or is it just you prancing around for fun?
If you are ready to take modeling to the next level you are thinking about the photos you NEED, and not just the money you will MAKE, you are thinking about both. You are planning to put together a compcard, to do some research and to use the Internet should be your research tool, not just for flaunting playground of your images. You need to focus on getting in touch with inspirational, driven photographers and people. Try to approach photographers with your own ideas and try to build a modeling portfolio that says, " I am trying to get an in ad campaign or in a magazine."

You can do it! But it does involve a mentality that wants to seek things out, and chasing opportunity and creates it for her self!

Modeling Tips: Preparing for a Modeling Casting

Sometimes my modeling castings lead me to buy the most weirdest items last minute. Yesterday I had to buy socks! I actually didn't have the basic white sock and I needed to get crew socks for my casting. There have been other moments when I had to even buy a skirt -on-the-go-because I wasn't home and got a casting to go to a shoe showroom and for shoe castings you usually need to wear a skirt. Thank god for H&M 20 dollars skirts, and Forever21 when you are in a rush and don't want to spend a lot but look acceptable.

The moral of these stories are that freelance modeling and hustling as a petite model can mean sometimes last minute buys. Unless you can carry heels, skirts, extra socks, etc in your bag, beware that these things add up, so when you shop consider your modeling jobs and shop for items you might need at last minute like lotion, hair clips, pantyhose, and even a leotard!

Modeling castings are not just about showing your portfolio it sometimes involves also having the right outfit on or looking as close to What they are looking for as possible. For example...if you are going to a casting for a skincare company, you might want to not wear a bra or tight clothing, because the lines will look really bad when the casting director takes your photo. Yes you might leave your compcard, but the image they take of you in person counts be prepared for your castings and auditions with knowing that bringing your modeling portfolio book isn't enough, you have to bring the energy, the idea, the concept, and the outfit they are looking to book. The closer you look to their idea, the more your odds will be that you will book it.


Modeling Tips: Acting the Part of a Model

Sometimes my castings lead me to buy the most weirdest items last minute. Yesterday I had to buy socks! I actually didn't have the basic white sock and I needed to get crew socks for my casting. There have been other moments when I had to even buy a skirt because I wasn't home and got a casting to go to a shoe showroom and for shoe castings you usually need to wear a skirt. Thank god for H&M 20 dollars skirts, and Forever21 when you are in a rush and don't want to spend a lot but look acceptable.

The moral of these stories are that freelance modeling and hustling as a petite model can mean sometimes last minute buys. Unless you can carry heels, skirts, extra socks, etc in your bag, beware that these things add up, so when you shop consider your modeling jobs and shop for items you might need at last minute like lotion, hair clips, pantyhose, and even a leotard!

Modeling castings are not just about showing your portfolio it sometimes involves also having the right outfit on or looking as close to What they are looking for as possible. For example...if you are going to a casting for a skincare company, you might want to not wear a bra or tight clothing, because the lines will look really bad when the casting director takes your photo. Yes you might leave your compcard, but the image they take of you in person counts be prepared for your castings and auditions with knowing that bringing your modeling portfolio book isn't enough, you have to bring the energy, the idea, the concept, and the outfit they are looking to book. The closer you look to their idea, the more your odds will be that you will book it.


Petite Modeling Advice: Time to Get Your Poses Right!

A lot of petite models, limit themselves by having the same pose, the same photo over and over, and feeling even awkward trying new things. If your photos are what sell you, (which is true) than you need to create images with photographers that really will benefit you!

Start with these ideas for new poses:

1. The current L'Oreal ad for H I P makeup involves a beautiful beauty shot with green eye shadow liner and apeacock feather, I thought this was very inventive and sexy.

2. When you are shooting while wearing lingerie, keep the La Perla, or Victoria Secret catalog handy or even a Hanes ad, having a sample of the pose will help, and try to include couches, vintage chairs and create an atmosphere for your shoot beyond standing there infront of a backdrop of a plain white canvas. Yuck! Get creative and start noticing ads and catalogs and what is being shot in ad campaigns.
Even a simple shot of your behind, or you stomach or laying on a couch can be very beautiful.

3. Include Jewelry, watches, sunglasses, or even let the photographer shoot you while you paint your toe nails. It could start to look like an editorial shot for Cosmo. I love crop shots, shots that only involve a girls hand against her facewearing pretty jewelry or a watch...with natural skin, and beautiful sunlight, it looks elegant and sexy and looks like an Ad.

You need to think about the type of modeling you want to do, and if you are a petite model, there is a lot of modeling you can do, just because you are petite, short or not as tall as a runway model doesn't mean there isn't modeling work for you. Petite models just need to use what they Got and apply it to products, because becoming another Internet model wont get you as far as you could go!

Start planning for bigger things, make goals, and start them!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Petite Modeling Tips: The Assertive Model

A lot of girls think that without an agency or agent they can't get modeling work and in this day and age of the Internet many girls think comments mean success, when really it takes a lot more to "really" work as a model, there is nothing wrong with self serving and promoting yourself, and you should.

YOU DO NEED TO HAVE a great compcard, and a lot of stamps and the time to invest in research and emailing but you can become a model yourself just by taking action and thinking big and beyond the box.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Petite Modeling- Setting Goals

A lot of girls want to model and they turn to the Internet but they do not set goals for themselves. Here are a few thoughts to consider when you are curious about modeling. And the answers can help you set your goals.

1. What types of ads do you admire?
2. Do you notice the type of editorials and ads that do not involve height? Such as, hand modeling, shoe modeling, editorials in women's and fitness magazines? Hair magazines?
3. Do you know what type of products you want to model? Modeling isn't just about YOU, your face or your body either, it is also about how well you can sell a product, how you model that handbag, how you sell it.

Modeling is more than height and weight, it is about using your personality, energy and effort to make your self a model too. No matter the doubt, there is modeling out there for you. Ask yourself if you are seeking it out? Do you have the marketing tools you need? Are you being aggressive towards your own goals? Are you getting goals?

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Job before the Agency

I think the best thing to do to get an agent is not to wait. There is a lot of modeling work you can do regardless of your height but sometimes thinking unconventionally and even backwards can get you in the modeling agency door. Why not try to get a tearsheet first, get a compcard first, skip open calls and try to submit your photos to magazines, brands, and companies you want to work with. Not just agencies, but the actual product. Modeling is a lot like starting a business and it can mean sometimes doing the work to get the tearsheets and impressive resume and credits you need that will help to get you in the door to an agency. Think about it this way...isn't it nicer to tell an agent, " I have worked with three magazines this year and I do not have an agent and I would love to work with you." This shows you are driven, and self serving, you are passionate and focused. It will get you representation. For example: I had three tearsheets of my own, before I had an agency working with me.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Petite Modeling Mentality

It is tough out there, it is hard to promote you, especially in a business of tall standards but if you focus on print modeling there is a lot of work you can get. Alot of girls want agencies before they even try to get some modeling work on their own and I think it is key to get your marketing tools, do your research and even in your own hometown there is modeling work for you with or without your agent and you can keep your clothes on too. A lot of girls think big, which is good, but when you are launching into modeling, learning about it and building a portfolio the smaller gigs really do matter. So take up work in newspapers, or modeling for smaller growing brands, smaller shops, stores, business's and brands, which will help you get work with bigger brands. These days modeling is about self serving, it isn't only about having an agent, so aim high but the baby steps and can lead you in the right direction by just focusing on the modeling you can do to gain a tearsheet and start building a book. You need to prove to those who will hire you that YOU CAN MODEL, so it is best not to wait....with or without the agent, you can research photographers, and brands, magazines, newspapers all near by which might have some work for you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Modeling advice: Following up on your gigs

It is important to follow up on your modeling jobs, to stay in touch with your agency, and bookers, and to look for your work because you need the tear sheet and credit in your portfolio and on your reel. Here are some tips when it comes to collecting your hard earned work!

1. When booking the job, ask your agent or the person booking you, "When will this be published, air, or be seen?"

2. Understand that magazines and TV networks have deadlines but they also plan months in advance. It might seem weird to shoot something now that might not be seen for 4 months, or longer, but it happens often.

3. Don't wait around dwelling on this job, stay busy and keep adding work to your portfolio. Because that one tear sheet in a magazine you are waiting for, and one job on a commercial or working with a brand, will only lead to more but you need to self promote and evene if the tear sheet or job you did isn't available, you can still mention it to book another gig and push your other goals.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Modeling Advice: All of the Solutions for Self promotion

Workign as a model can be very confusing, especially if you have no experience. Getting some experience can actaully lead you to working with a agency, despite your height, and here are some tips to stay focused and busy, towards productive opportunities!

1. Each week make a plan for yourself: mail a modeling agency, print a headshot, contact an acting class, approach a photographer. Make a list of To DO's!

2. Focus on getting enough photos which can represent you in many ways, have a picture of you in a dress, sweater, conservative, more sexy, hair up, hair down, suit, and jeans. The more diverse you are the more modeling work you can get.

3. Create a resume and get a portfolio and be open to start it. Maybe you want that lead commercial job or gig on a TV Series, or that ad campaign or magazine editorial, but you have to start somewhere... so start building your book each month with little jobs here and there, because the more you are infront of the camera, getting experience that is valuable, and the more you keep yourself busy, the more you will learn, and the more your book will build!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting the most out of your Photo shoots

Modeling has a lot to do with timing and not wasting time. So when you are at your photo shoots make sure you come away with these three things:

1. At least three photos you can use which are different.

2. A feeling like you improved yourself as a model, your portfolio and your modeling future

3. Something you don't have. A lot of girls shoot the same thing, same style, same pose over and over, it makes a comp card and portfolio look very bland!

The worst thing is working with the wrong people, and not getting what you want, so it is best to come prepared to a shoot with all the accessories you need, shoes, handbags, etc, to make a photo look as if it is an ad. That is my goal when I shoot, I make sure the shot looks like it says something. Whether it is in my eyes or a product I am holding and modeling with.

Three things that Matter to a Model

1. Images: Your photos are what sell you so before you focus on getting an agency, or modeling agent, focus on your pictures. Even stretch yourself and try to get a tear sheet or some modeling work before you try to pitch an agency, and or try to get a comp card printed. It means a lot to show you can work as a model with work you have already done, if you are approaching an agency.

2. Skin: No matter how tall you are your skin is important, it can get you work as a print model and for the short models out there your skin can end up being your best asset.

3. Your energy! It will take a lot of work to get ahead as a model and beat the odds. The persistance, research, hustling, marketing that it involves is intense and overwhelming sometimes, but stay focused, and make goals for yourself. No matter your height there is in fact work for you but you have to seek out the options that are available for you. Print work, body part modeling, lingerie model, commercial modeling, and anything that invovles your personality.

Good luck!
isobella jade

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Men's Products worth Considering for Models

There are 4 products I love, which are men's products, I think lotions are too droopy and shaving creams for woman are too bland. Women's products can be weak and not really long lasting so I need a tough shaver, deodorant, creams, and these items are my favorite boyfriends' tools!

1. Schick Xtreme3 triple blade razor. I need a very tough shaver for my last minute castings that involve legs and woman's do not to the trick always in one swipe!

2. SpeedStick- Irish Spring Icy Blast- I love this Deodorant and I like that is really does last all day.

3. Gillette Series-after shave gel, so I don't shave my fave but this gel is great for your legs after shaving! It makes your legs even smoother and I love it!

4. L'Oreal men's expert Vita Lift cream, this is a cream that is easy to apply and rubs in quickly. One thing I hate is rubbing and rubbing my face cream, but men's cream rub in a lot quicker!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Freelance Modeling Tip: Payment

Freelancing Modeling and Getting Paid

A girl asked me recently: How much do you know to negiotate when freelancing to clients without an agent? Thanks so much for your help!!!

My answer: When it marketing yourself, I think it depending on how experienced you are, the assignment, where will the photos be used, you can debate a rate for yourself as a freelance model.

For body modeling, swimwear modeling, lingerie modeling, I think $50-100 dollars an hour for starting out is acceptable.
For print, commercial modeling, music video, or anything on television, I think setting a day rate would be best, ($100-$500) or it depends on the size of the company and the usage, for example if a small company needs a model for their catalog, you might only ask for $100 dollars for the whole day while knowing you will have a great tearsheet to your portfolio which will get you more work, sometimes even working without a rate can benefit you if the exposure is high and you need the image, tearsheet or reel piece to add to your resume.

It is good to be picky, but also be reasonable, and consider your resume and portfolio, sometimes not being paid at all in the begining is ok, if it means you will gain a great piece for your portfolio, it isn't only about the money, it is about quality and getting quality work so that you can get more!

Modeling Questions from a Petite Model

I received this message on my Myspace today: I'm 5'4 aspiring commercial print model and trying to get a agency. Is it unethical to add "2 inches" to my height and say 5'6 when submitting pics to an agency OR when freelancing to clients? Also I heard that you don't need professional pics when submitting to an agency, just a fullbody and headshot with no makeup taken by a friend. Does this only apply to fashion and editorial models? I would rather not pay for comp cards b4 getting an agency if I don't have to. Also any recommendations on good locations for commercial models. I live in NC so there is not alot of work for a model here and I know that you have to be in the same location as the agency especially when going to open call. I know NYC always gets alot of work for commercial models but I wanted to live somewhere a little more economically feasible then NYC or LA. One last question. How much do you know to negiotate when freelancing to clients without an agent? Thanks so much for your help!!!

My answer: If you want to add inches who cares, but the main point is to put photos on your card that really look like you. No matter whether you have a modeling agency in your phone dial or not you should get a comp card. A comp card is your marketing tool. A lot of girls rely on agents or want one and think they can not get work without one, which isn't true. You should have a compcard meant to promote you, yourself. Who says you can't mail your photos to a local newspaper or smaller magazines that might need models? I always believe in having your marketing tools, a comp card is a MUST, or at least nicely printed images. At least a headshot or a printed selection of images is good to start. Every modeling agent will think they know you best and give you different advice on your images, so it is best to understand your self and to be driven enough to understand that you need to show off your best features, your smile, your energy, and a nice action shot or body shot is always nice on a comp card. has good rates for printing. NO matter where you live there is modeling you can do, local hair salons, even food stores, and small business's need models, and it would be a good start for your modeling portfolio book to build tearsheets even before you have an agency working with you. Who says the agency will be calling you over and over every day anyways? To be a model you have to seek out your own work sometimes. 80% of my resume comes from myself. To hear more about my story listen in to my podcast tonight at 8pm. I's free and helpful and also check out my book on Amazon called Almost 5'4" about being a petite model. Believe it or not, the people modeling in the K-Mart or Wal-Mart commercial make more money than any other type of modeling! SO no matter your height, the normal, girl next door look is booking a lot of work, so be you, don't change, and focus on your images and getting promotional and marketing material like comp cards to promote yourself. And don't just send them to modeling agencies, send them to ad agencies, marketing companies etc. Skip the middle man!

Petite Models, a New Measurement is the Mind

How much thought have you put into your modeling pursuits? Are you waiting for the phone to ring, are you not getting enough good images at your shoots, are you not planning carefully the modeling route you need to go? Are you wasting time? It is a hard business to enter but it is easier if you have good images and stay open minded towards submitting yourself to modeling agencies. Your images will define you so focus on the traits, features and the things you do have because modeling isn't just about height!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Modeling tips to be Beauty and Eco savvy

These are three tips for being savvy when it comes to getting ready for shoots and your day as a model. Because even though it feels good to pamper yourself, you can also be aware of these earth helping ideas for models.

1. Water, don't leave it running while you brush your teeth and shave your legs, turn it on when you are ready to spit or wash off the soap or shaving cream.

2. Toilet Paper, to blot your lips, clean up your makeup mistakes or running mascara don't over do it with rolling a mile of toliet paper. Use only what you need, not only do you save money by not having to by more rolls more often, but you help the earth too.

3. Recycle please! Beware of just dumping your makeup wrappers or packaging in the trash, try to recycle as much paper products and plastic as you can!

Don't think the world runs around you, the world runs on how well we, human beings take care of it! Even models can do these little things that mean a lot!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Becoming a Model- Modeling Tips

No one turns down energy and persistance, so bring your spunk to your shoots, meetings, castings, and agents! It is about your images but also about your personality and the drive you have! Think to yourself, why do they want to work with me? Your first reason should be your energy, because it takes ALOT to be a model.

Modeling tips from Isobella Jade

No one turns down energy and persistance, so bring your spunk to your shoots, meetings, castings, and agents! It is about your images but also about your personality and the drive you have! Think to yourself, why do they want to work with me? Your first reason should be your energy, because it takes ALOT to be a model.

Modeling behind the scenes

No matter your budget you can still get somee nice photos to start you off, you don't need a portfolio to start, you just need some basic shots, a headshot, a full body in a dress or jeans "doing something" walking down the street, laughing, sitting at a cafe, putting on shoes, a shot that looks like an ad for something, so here are some tips on savvy ways to get ahead without paying big bucks!

1. Since there wont always be a stylist, start buying clothing that can be both modeling clothing for your photo shoots and daily clothing for your diverse life.

2. Start buying things on sale, things that are off season and even on the sale rack, because it can translate into a great shoot. The swimwear on sale at the end f summer is an example.

Also remember, if you want to model swimwear and submit photos to a magazine, you should do your shoot in the fall or very early winter and submit it to the magazines by March or sooner because the magazines will run all the swimwear shots 2 months before summer, which means in the April issues, sometimes sooner because of Spring Break and the magazines promote vacation season early for the retailers. Which is also why in Miami the SEASON is in December-March because the weather is great down there, and they shoot all the summer clothing for the northern ad campaigns which will appear in April, May and June.

Same thing for coats, if you want to model winter coats, shoot yourself in the summer, in studio if you must because all winter modeling is done in the summer.

3. Need a handbag or jewelry for your shoot? Because being assertive gets you places, it is good to plan to style your shoots and you can without paying for it, by approaching aspiring designers at tradeshows or events, for example at the Javits Center the Accessory show is great for scouting out designers who might need models or who will let you use their designs for your shoots in exchange for images. So is the Lingerie of America's Show in NYC each year. You have to get involved with your shoots!

4. don't forget the old fashion way which is really better actually. Share your ideas with a photographer and approach him or her by emailing them or send your photos to their studio. Or for starters visit a photography department at a college, go to a photo store and ask for some advice. There are ways to find a photographer for a decent rate, and if you are up front and bring creative energy and show the photographer that you are willing to do the work and be a good model, then you can get images without breaking the banks!

Models can be any Height with the Right Images: by Isobella Jade

I don't believe height should hold you back. But your images can. I think if you focus on your images, focus on getting quality and working with creative ambitious people, and think of modeling as a business and then starting your modeling career will be easy.

Here are some tips on clues to know a photographer is professional:

1. Does he have a problem giving you References? If so this is a sign he is a bad sport.

2. He doesn't want to have a meeting ahead of time, and refuses to show you his portfolio book and just wants to plan the shoot, no questions. Just remember an online portfolio isn't good enough, a professional photographer will also have a portfolio, which you can hold in your hand. Or at least a tear sheet from a magazine his image was recently inside of.

3. He knows nothing about lighting and makeup and styling and just wants you to hurry so he can take the photo. Bad sign.

4. He had no goals, ambition or creative ideas towards photography. He doesn't ask yours either. This is a sign to leave and not waste your time.

5. He doesn't provide what you agreed upon. This can define the importance of saving emails, and agreements, especially if money is involved.

Warning for The Digital Model by Isobella Jade

So it is easy to download your photo and become a model, there are now tons of modeling websites you can join, but still don't think you are a model by doing so!

If you want to be in a magazine, or ad campaign, or be discovered you might want to pay attention because self discovery is more important than BEING discovered as a model. It seems everyone wants to be a model and can on the Internet but be careful and weary when it comes to networking, booking jobs and getting ahead. Girls have been killed, raped, and been mislead from experiences they have had modeling through the web. I think modeling is something you should talk about, to your family and friends, and the main thing is to ask a lot of questions and to go with your gut, because modeling in a digital age means it is easy for those who also do not mean well to get ahead too. Modeling is about modeling a product or image, for a magazine, ad campaign, and there are many people who take advantage of models, and girls, especially petite models, who want to get please be careful when you are marketing yourself.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

How Do I Find a Modeling Agency

It is easy to find a modeling agency in your town, try Googling your city plus modeling agency or print models + your city. You might want to try contacting some professional photographers and then asking them about the agencies in your town. Almost every single city in America has a modeling agency. To skip the high fashion modeling agencies with strick height requirements, look also for Talent Agencies.

The History of Modeling

Next week I will be chatting about the History of Modeling from even the late 1800's and compare modeling then and now. I hope you tune in or stop by at

The Model Actor, the titles we carry

I am a model! I am an actor. Really our titles should be that we are storytellers. Acting should be called Storytelling instead of people saying, " I'm an actor," they should say maybe " I portray emotion and tell stories on screen for a living,/ or on the stage." A lot of girls claim they are models because they have done one photoshoot, without considering that Yes a girl can be a model and model herself in a magazine but also modeling has more to do with the commercial world, and modeling a product, or portraying a story for an editorial or ad campaign, so the title of MODEL and Actor are a very narrow minded titles. I think the moment a model stops trying so hard, and just tries to tell a story more than getting stiff holding a pose, the photo comes alive, I think when an actor forgets he is acting and just brings her, or his experiences to the scene, or creative mindset to portray the character, that is when a real story is told!

When you create your modeling portfolio or acting reel, try to focus on jobs and photo shoots and films that allow you to really share more than just one part of you, I think while striving in this business people forget to use their soul too.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Modeling 101 for the Short Girls

Hey! So I hear you are short and don't think you can be model? Well I will prove you wrong every Wens.8pm on Model Talk. Tonight I chat about self promotion, and how to market yourself on and off the job.

Take a chance, promote you!

Fashion Modeling and Petite Modeling

These days modeling is more about making it happen for yourself, sure it would be easy and grand to be working with a high fashion modeling agency that sends you out on castings for ad campaigns and editorials each day, but in todays digital world now a petite woman can find herself a model fairly quickly. Fashion modeling isn't the limit, there is so much modeling a petite sized female can do. The world is becoming more and more commercialized and retail and beauty products are being more open minded when it comes to height. Especially since ethnic models ( who are usually petite are getting more and more work). If you were told you were too short, it is something you need to kick out of your mind and modeling pursuits and start rocking your own runway every day with great photos that flaunt your energy, personality and unqiue look, because THAT is what sells, and start marketing yourself in ways that will benefit you easily.