Thursday, December 13, 2007

petite modeling is modeling

Modeling isn't just fashion or runway or all those things people who are narrow minded say it is. Modeling is about selling a product, don't forget this, even though the Internet makes it how hits and clicks and hotness and how much skin your show can be a turn on and intriguing. I still think to gain work as a model you have to have the photos and marketing tools that WILL get you opportunities.

Here are some ideas for getting a portfolio that is full of images that will help you get ahead in the advertising world.

1. Shoot images that involve products, model more than just yourself in the shot

2. Look at the ads you like and try to get images that portray yourself uniquely but also as if you are stating a message, telling a story through the shot.

3. Use props. A boring background or backdrop can kill a shot, but a unique couch or perfectly lit door way or hall way can create an interesting story by itself. Grab a handbag or a cocktail! Now all you have to do is pose!

You don't have to download your photos on the Internet, and don't think you Do. It is better to get a compcard, portfolio and sharpen the tools you really need. That professionals really care about.

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