Monday, December 17, 2007

Modeling Tips: Petite Models look best when wearing...

If you are looking for the right outfit to make your body look taller, it wont really be totally all about the clothing but about your posture and telling the photographer if he doesn't know it already, to please shoot you from an upward angle, to make your legs appear taller. It is sad when you have sometimes be the boss, but you do sometimes to get the shot you need. Here are some tips of what to wear to look taller and more lean:

If you want to shoot lingerie, don't just put on a thong and bra, wearing thigh highs can make your legs look shiny and narrow.

Of course heels, but pick both pairs, some that shoe toes and some that don't. Wearing boots even can make your legs seem longer. Especially if the boots go to the knee, but remember to arch your back if standing and to stretch our your fore-leg if sitting. ( the leg closest to the camera)

The shorter your hair is also the taller you will seem. When your neck is seen you always appear taller. I am not saying chop your hair but when you style is, pull the hair away from you, it can drag you down and make you appear shorter.

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