Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Modeling Industry is Changing

If you can now get your self in a national commercial, music video, and magazine without an agent, it shares insight to where the modeling business and entertainment business is going. It is going towards persistance and getting your pursuits to happen yourself. Finding unconventional means to get ahead and get in the door and market yourself. Sure beauty and height and being proportioned can help but it isn't the end all or the only way.

Staying diverse is key, bikini, sweater, dishwashing soap and shoes, should all be your goals, nothing is not for can do it all and you should. You photos shouldn't limit you but expand your modeling chances, and it is the way to really get work and stay consistantly working if you do not become narrow minded or only chase one thing. Maybe you wont be able to quit your day job or bar job totally but if you don't waste time, and really apply yourself then you will be able to get ahead.

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