Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Modeling for Beauty, Height, and Agents no More

The three misconceptions a lot of girls think modeling is about:

Being beautiful. I think modeling is becoming more and more about personality. You can’t just be hot to get ahead, it might last for a little while or get someone in the door, but you have to bring to the ad campaign, commercial, or magazine a story that says more than “ I am so pretty.” Modeling isn’t just about being sexy and I love being sexy and wearing cute shoes, but there is a lot of work for the girl next door in America too. I think about these things because the average girl in America is the one who is shopping, so that is the audience the products need to perceive that you are modeling if you are petite…...Sure, high end fashion is nice and admired, but as a model, you can get work just by being yourself easily or commercial products. You are more likely to be in a PETCO ad campaign than on the runway. But still that is modeling. Then there is Height: I think a tall model will always be in demand because of the history of modeling, and how fashion is loyal to the measurements in design, but when it comes to getting work as a model, there is plenty of it no matter your height; you just have to sometimes seek it out. And know yourself, if you are 5’2” don’t expect to be a fashion model, but you can be so much more than that if you know how to market yourself.

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