Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Modeling Advice, Getting an Agency

It isn't about what type of a model you dream of being, it is about the type of Model you CAN be. Honestly finding a way to market yourself and getting an agent to want to market you too.

Sometimes it is best to get a tearsheet or something in your book besides just images. If there is a local magazine in your town, or a newspaper that always had new models for their ads contact them. You will have an easier time getting an agent if you have already a tearsheet that proves you can work. When contacting a photographer don't just plan a shoot, ask if the photographer has been in a magazine, or who the clients they work with are? Be vocal about your pursuits and try to push to get in a magazine, ( even a basic, City magazine about events and such in your town) Anything that will make you stand out and be seen as a working model to an agency.

Remember it isn't just about being sexy and wearing a barely there bikini, you want to push to get GREAT face shots too. And shots that show your BEST Features!

Also remember: You can freelance with an agency so there is no need to sign a modeling contract, unless you are VERY sure the agency will be hustling for you very hard. It is very common to Freelance as a petite model with many agencies. And get work from all of them.

Still it never ends just because you have an agent. It only gets more busy and tough, it is a competitive world and modeling is no different, each day if you want to stay competitive you need to be hustling for yourself, even looking for more than one agency.

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