Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How Can I be A Model?

This is a common question I get. The other day a girl contacted me because she did a search on famous petite models and found me, I was flattered but I don't consider myself famous and that isn't the goal. I think we get so wrapped up in the fame being the success we want, and we forget that success is about the small highs along the way. And over coming the lows. Sometimes it just takes meeting a great person who inspires you, meeting a cool photographer finally, getting an agent, or getting your first tearsheets to encourage you. But set your goals high and realistic. No matter your height or weight or color there is work out there for you. Ask your self: Am I really pursuing modeling or am I just waiting? Having an agent, a few tearsheets might be your only goal, but there is a lot more to chase. When a girl wonders " how can I be a model?" I think she should understand not just the photo shoots and the makeup and fun it involves, but also the work.

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