Monday, December 31, 2007

Becoming a Model is Possible

You might think your height, or not perfect skin tone might be enough of a reason to give up modeling or not try modeling. It is the wrong attitude though. If you focus on your images and show the best sides, parts, and features that you have, then you can be a model. You might never be on America's Next Top Model, and you might never get with a modeling agency like Ford, Elite, etc, but there is plenty of work out there for you if you understand where you DO fit into the modeling world. This coming year, use your energy and put it towards taking the right steps to get great images, get a compcard, and start researching the brands you want to model for and start applying. The Dove ad campaign is a perfect example of how advertising and modeling is changing and the commercial modeling world accepts all heights, sizes, and skin tones, so use what you got, sell your personality, and focus on what you do have and bring it forward!

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