Monday, December 31, 2007

Becoming a Model is Possible

You might think your height, or not perfect skin tone might be enough of a reason to give up modeling or not try modeling. It is the wrong attitude though. If you focus on your images and show the best sides, parts, and features that you have, then you can be a model. You might never be on America's Next Top Model, and you might never get with a modeling agency like Ford, Elite, etc, but there is plenty of work out there for you if you understand where you DO fit into the modeling world. This coming year, use your energy and put it towards taking the right steps to get great images, get a compcard, and start researching the brands you want to model for and start applying. The Dove ad campaign is a perfect example of how advertising and modeling is changing and the commercial modeling world accepts all heights, sizes, and skin tones, so use what you got, sell your personality, and focus on what you do have and bring it forward!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Modeling Tips for Shoe Modeling

Size six means Pay! Shoe modeling is a good job for a petite model.
Footwear Plus is a trade magazine that models that want to shoe model should read, also pay attention to shoe ad campaigns and tradeshows in NYC, VEGAS and nationwide that need shoe models. Even without an agent you can simply email a brand and ask if they need a shoe model. Usually it can get you a great gig that will last a few days shoe modeling at the shoe shows that take place 4-5 times a year. To submit yourself you do need to have a nice photo of your feet, something simple, to the point, basic, and you need a shot of your whole body, and also one just of your foot as well.

If the shoe company is for sneakers, don't send a photo of yourself in high heels, market yourself for the products you want to model for.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Self Publishing,Promotion and Researching

After some time researching and noticing an article by Katie Hafner in the NYTIME this past fall I contacted her and let her know of my own Apple Store experience, and today in the Business section of the New York Times today a piece of my story was featured in an article she wrote called Inside Apple Stores, a Certain Aura Enchants the Faithful. Published: December 27, 2007: Here is the link to read the article that features my personal "inside the Apple Store" experience.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Modeling Industry is Changing

If you can now get your self in a national commercial, music video, and magazine without an agent, it shares insight to where the modeling business and entertainment business is going. It is going towards persistance and getting your pursuits to happen yourself. Finding unconventional means to get ahead and get in the door and market yourself. Sure beauty and height and being proportioned can help but it isn't the end all or the only way.

Staying diverse is key, bikini, sweater, dishwashing soap and shoes, should all be your goals, nothing is not for can do it all and you should. You photos shouldn't limit you but expand your modeling chances, and it is the way to really get work and stay consistantly working if you do not become narrow minded or only chase one thing. Maybe you wont be able to quit your day job or bar job totally but if you don't waste time, and really apply yourself then you will be able to get ahead.

Modeling for Beauty, Height, and Agents no More

The three misconceptions a lot of girls think modeling is about:

Being beautiful. I think modeling is becoming more and more about personality. You can’t just be hot to get ahead, it might last for a little while or get someone in the door, but you have to bring to the ad campaign, commercial, or magazine a story that says more than “ I am so pretty.” Modeling isn’t just about being sexy and I love being sexy and wearing cute shoes, but there is a lot of work for the girl next door in America too. I think about these things because the average girl in America is the one who is shopping, so that is the audience the products need to perceive that you are modeling if you are petite…...Sure, high end fashion is nice and admired, but as a model, you can get work just by being yourself easily or commercial products. You are more likely to be in a PETCO ad campaign than on the runway. But still that is modeling. Then there is Height: I think a tall model will always be in demand because of the history of modeling, and how fashion is loyal to the measurements in design, but when it comes to getting work as a model, there is plenty of it no matter your height; you just have to sometimes seek it out. And know yourself, if you are 5’2” don’t expect to be a fashion model, but you can be so much more than that if you know how to market yourself.

Modeling Agents and Managers

It sure feels good to have a modeling agent, or to be able to answer when someone says " Who do you work with?" Or " whose your modeling agent?" but tonight on my modeling podcast I talk about what the future of the modeling business is going to be, and it could mean the end of all agents all together...or it could just mean that hustling is something we have to do more than ever!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Modeling Agencies for petite models are around!

It isn't only FORD MODELS and Elite Models. Which all have very strick height requirement. But there is so much more a petite model can consider but sometimes it isn’t blunt on the page or a Google search, mainly because Google doesn;t do us justice! The results of the words Modeling Agency are not very inspiring for a petite model.

Don't forget talent agencies, not just fashion modeling agencies, but submit yourself to places where you will be accepted.

First thing I booked with Funny Face Today, FFT was a job on As the World Turns, they needed a girl who was comfortable in a bathing suit, and I was, and I booked another job through another agency for Teen Vogue fit modeling.

If you have experience and an established portfolio Wilhelmina Models might work with you for print.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Internet Modeling Websites

Remember, what you post can stay on online history, and can haunt you later.

Beware, and be smart about the images you post on the Internet.

In my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4", I share details on some mistakes I made by letting the wrong images get on the Internet and the hell I went through to get them off. If you post images, make sure they are images that represent your future, where you want to be, where you are going, but beware when you post something that it might not ever come off the Internet, Goodluck!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Modeling Tips: Petite Models look best when wearing...

If you are looking for the right outfit to make your body look taller, it wont really be totally all about the clothing but about your posture and telling the photographer if he doesn't know it already, to please shoot you from an upward angle, to make your legs appear taller. It is sad when you have sometimes be the boss, but you do sometimes to get the shot you need. Here are some tips of what to wear to look taller and more lean:

If you want to shoot lingerie, don't just put on a thong and bra, wearing thigh highs can make your legs look shiny and narrow.

Of course heels, but pick both pairs, some that shoe toes and some that don't. Wearing boots even can make your legs seem longer. Especially if the boots go to the knee, but remember to arch your back if standing and to stretch our your fore-leg if sitting. ( the leg closest to the camera)

The shorter your hair is also the taller you will seem. When your neck is seen you always appear taller. I am not saying chop your hair but when you style is, pull the hair away from you, it can drag you down and make you appear shorter.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Collecting your images without a mess

It is frustrating when you spend so much time and effort on a shoot and then you have to fight for your images.

Make sure before working with a photographer that YOU have the rights to the images to use them for your printing (especially with film), make sure you are able to even submit a few to magazines, and make sure you will get the number of images you are expecting by talking about it before hand.

Emails can also be proof of a conversation so have everything panned out before you shoot to save a struggle to get your photos.

Most photographers will be nice and consideration -especially if you are paying for the shots, but always make sure you both are on the same page!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

petite modeling is modeling

Modeling isn't just fashion or runway or all those things people who are narrow minded say it is. Modeling is about selling a product, don't forget this, even though the Internet makes it how hits and clicks and hotness and how much skin your show can be a turn on and intriguing. I still think to gain work as a model you have to have the photos and marketing tools that WILL get you opportunities.

Here are some ideas for getting a portfolio that is full of images that will help you get ahead in the advertising world.

1. Shoot images that involve products, model more than just yourself in the shot

2. Look at the ads you like and try to get images that portray yourself uniquely but also as if you are stating a message, telling a story through the shot.

3. Use props. A boring background or backdrop can kill a shot, but a unique couch or perfectly lit door way or hall way can create an interesting story by itself. Grab a handbag or a cocktail! Now all you have to do is pose!

You don't have to download your photos on the Internet, and don't think you Do. It is better to get a compcard, portfolio and sharpen the tools you really need. That professionals really care about.

Working it out Petite Models

Do you go to the gym every day? Ok, a couple times a week? Ok, once in awhile?
Do you have a decent body, a great body, a tone petite body? Then you should consider fitness modeling. Not just using your body for sexy photo shoots, but also for fitness photo shoots and magazines. Start by even getting into gear and going for a run at the park, or do a session at the gym and bring the photographer with you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Modeling Advice for the Shorty's

There is a lot of work for the petite model if you open your mind and stick to your focus. Get over that you wont be a tall Giraffe/model/ and you wont ever rock the runway for Gucci. Accept that you could become Gucci's hand model or shoe model but accept the areas you really should pursue and chase.

It is frustrating to have to settle and know/focus what you are best for, but sometimes getting in the door at an agency for one thing can lead to others. If you submit yourself to an agency as a great model with greay body parts, or eyes, or energy, you might get in the door, and then once you book a job, you might be considered for the other areas in the agency...such as more print work or commercial work.

Talent agencies are also great. They accept shorter models. The best thing to do is keep submitting to these agencies, and keep shooting with quality photographers. Don't forget to submit to the smaller agencies too. You will get into the door, it just might not be the door you hoped for at first...but soon the other bigger agencies and jobs will come.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Modeling Advice, Getting an Agency

It isn't about what type of a model you dream of being, it is about the type of Model you CAN be. Honestly finding a way to market yourself and getting an agent to want to market you too.

Sometimes it is best to get a tearsheet or something in your book besides just images. If there is a local magazine in your town, or a newspaper that always had new models for their ads contact them. You will have an easier time getting an agent if you have already a tearsheet that proves you can work. When contacting a photographer don't just plan a shoot, ask if the photographer has been in a magazine, or who the clients they work with are? Be vocal about your pursuits and try to push to get in a magazine, ( even a basic, City magazine about events and such in your town) Anything that will make you stand out and be seen as a working model to an agency.

Remember it isn't just about being sexy and wearing a barely there bikini, you want to push to get GREAT face shots too. And shots that show your BEST Features!

Also remember: You can freelance with an agency so there is no need to sign a modeling contract, unless you are VERY sure the agency will be hustling for you very hard. It is very common to Freelance as a petite model with many agencies. And get work from all of them.

Still it never ends just because you have an agent. It only gets more busy and tough, it is a competitive world and modeling is no different, each day if you want to stay competitive you need to be hustling for yourself, even looking for more than one agency.

Monday, December 10, 2007

So You Want a Modeling Agency

To get a modeling agency interested in you consider these 3 tips:

1. Get a Tearsheet, sometimes if you can show you can work, and have worked it helps to intrigue an agent. You might get a chance despite being considered too short normally.

2. Call the agency and ask what photographers they test with. Even if this means you have to fork out some money to test with the photographer, if you tell the photographer you are really interested in the agencues he works with maybe he will tell the agent about you.

3. Submit over and over. Just because you get a no, doesn't mean in a few weeks or a month you can't try again with new photos and keep up dating and improving your pictures.

4. Scope out their website. Look at what models they work with, and see what similar models they have to you, and try to get images in a similar style.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The More Models Know, Modeling Advice and Modeling Tips

I discovered another site for modeling advice and when you want to learn something modeling or have a question about modeling it can seem there are limited places to turn too, especially if you are a petite model.

The big question seems to be about height. I think the atittude should be more about persistance. Staying ambitious, researching and always looking for new angles and ways to promote yourself as a model.

3 Petite Modeling Tips for posing in Lingerie

My tips are based on my experience as a petite model in NYC:

1. Diversity: Don't just shoot in thongs. Shoot in full back underwear, boyshorts, and panties of all kinds.

2. Posing: Lingerie modeling isn't just about showing it and flaunting it, sometimes it is best to relax on the couch, stretch your legs out and chill and not just be all hard and tough. A lot of girls pose to mean and rough, I think a lingerie shot looks best when it is soft, sincere, like you aren't trying too hard, just being you in your lingerie, feeling sexy and desired without the pouty lips, just relax.

3. Heels! No matter your height, or size of your behind or your curves, wearing heels is a MUST for Lingerie modeling. Unless it is more of a casual wear under garment.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Petite Model Poses in front of the Apple Store, 14th Street, NYC

The third Apple Store launches today in NYC on 14th Street and 9th Avenue, it makes the West side of the city a little more exciting and the long walks worth it to the way way west side! Can someone invent the 9th Avenue subway please? Anyways this week I posed in front of the new Apple Store in my cute Nina shoes and they are so so hot and so is the new Apple store! Media Bistro posted the pics this afternoon, and even standing on a rock wearing my heels and standing tall and seperating my legs a bit a look like a TALL chick!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hand Modeling and Animals

Hands painted by Guido Daniele. I hope this is the correct artist. I really love his hand painting and since I do hand modeling I love it! I even sent it to my body parts agent because I really think this is impressive,and drawing on your own hand is very technical and I admire it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Self Serving as a Model and Author

What's on the menu is chasing what you want and making it happen for yourself!
On my podcast I discuss the hustle involved and the way modeling has helped me to KNOW how to go about publishing a book.

Modeling and Publishing a Book

I think modeling and publishing a book are similar. The same idea of hunting for a modeling agent, and hunting for a book agent. Pitching your modeling portfolio and pitching your manuscript. Researching outlets for press and exposure on your book, similar to researching magazines and outlets for you to model.

How Can I be A Model?

This is a common question I get. The other day a girl contacted me because she did a search on famous petite models and found me, I was flattered but I don't consider myself famous and that isn't the goal. I think we get so wrapped up in the fame being the success we want, and we forget that success is about the small highs along the way. And over coming the lows. Sometimes it just takes meeting a great person who inspires you, meeting a cool photographer finally, getting an agent, or getting your first tearsheets to encourage you. But set your goals high and realistic. No matter your height or weight or color there is work out there for you. Ask your self: Am I really pursuing modeling or am I just waiting? Having an agent, a few tearsheets might be your only goal, but there is a lot more to chase. When a girl wonders " how can I be a model?" I think she should understand not just the photo shoots and the makeup and fun it involves, but also the work.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Petite Models Ignore the Rules and Requirements

If you settle for the answers sometimes, you will get no where. Waiting for the opportunity doesn't make it happen sooner either.

Just because there is a height requirement for an agency or a certain job, it doesn't mean you can't submit anyways.

If you let No control you, or holding back because your fear of failure you will never succeed.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Petite Modeling Winter Tips

it's cold out now unless you live with warm weather year round. But this chill in the air doesn't mean you can't still focus on your modeling. I think even posing while wearing a winter coat is a good idea. But make sure the coat doesn't drown you and still shows your shape and personality.

Focus on catalogs, the smiles and the energy for the shot and pose.

Also the winter time is a perfect time to start getting organized. Time to revamp your portfolio and images. Go through your recent shoots and decided which you like, which can be cropped and used? Which could be printed to be in a portfolio? Also think about what you like and don't like about the shots you took and work on improving that in your next shoot. The best way to judge yourself is to look at yourself. A good photographer can catch you and capture you usually within one shoot, but sometimes it can take up to 3-4 to get a quality comp card and book together. It might sound routine but Modeling is about images and petite models need to focus on that because to get work we have to work on making our height that last thing that is noticed.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Petite Model in Ad campaign

Recently in the Ecco shoes ad campaign they currently have a petite model wearing the shoes in their ads. She is blond and sitting in a chair in a black shoe and it is inspiring.