Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Models and self promotion and research

Are you using the Internet to your advantage?

The Internet isn't only for hits and clicks, it is for doing some research.

If you want to model, sometimes you have to make it happen for yourself, it might sound like a lot of work, you might wonder" is it worth it for me to become my own agent and really start taking ahold of my goals?"...well I think it is possible and really what YOU SHOULD BE DOING, and that means really doing work. Legit, real modeling opportunities won't just happen by just being a called a model and the jobs, agency's, agents, print ads, and magazine work and commercials don't just come either. No thats not really how it happens. Usually for petite models, we have to work harder. To get in the door we have to put in a lot more hands on work.

Start researching agencies, magazines, products and photographers that you admire.

Ever see an ad for something and think to your self " Why can't that be me?"

Well for starters you need a photo that says you can.

I don't use modeling websites to "feel" like a model because I want to work as one.

Working as one is different than "feeling" like one.

You should be using the Internet as a research tool, but not relying on it to make a model.

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