Monday, November 19, 2007

The Shortest of them All

Just because none of the girls on America's Next Top model are under 5'9" doesn't mean there is not any modeling for you.

Whether your height, weight, or look there is modeling for you keep you keep your focus and look beyond fashion.

Fashion will always be a challange, for some understandable reason, even though the average girl in America is not 5'9" clothing is made to fit girls of this length, height. I put on my highest heels and still the jeans drag on the ground. Makes one petite model want to start a clothing line, it is sort of embarressing walking into a store and asking for size SHORT!

In fashion it does come down to slim is better. The taller you are the more the eye thinks of skinny and slim.

If you think of a girl 5'2 and then a girl 5'9- which in your mind is slimmer?

Same sort of mindset goes towards the fashion world, so stick to commercial print and even if you are the shortest of them all walking into the modeling agency, casting, photo shoot, keep trying!

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