Friday, November 2, 2007

Petite Models and Products You can Model

Next time you flip through a magazine don't just notice the girls and the clothing and the makeup,ect.

But notice who is taking the photos. Get the photographer name written down in your agenda book, and start researching photographers who shoot for a purpose and maybe it could mean you will end up in the magazine too.

Seriously start to take action towards your modeling career.

Just getting an agent and putting your photo on a website wont be the end all.

You need to know your industry, and take hold of your goals, and instead of wondering when the job will come to you, start seeking out your jobs.

If you love a certain pair of jeans, or handbag, or know of an aspiring company, brands, or store opening in your town. Why not ask if they ever need a model?

It might sound unconventional and new, and it is. It is called self marketing.

Try it.

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