Friday, November 9, 2007

Petite modeling products for Less

Getting beauty products and hair products are a given when you are starting to model.
It is great if there is a makeup artist, but it is also great if you can take care of your own makeup and hair and still get a great shot.

I recently had one of the best shoots of my life and there wasn't a makeup artist.
I paid attention to my skin which is the most important part of modeling.

If a model has good skin it also means less money and time for re-touching.
Sometimes you have to think from the client perspective.
If you have bad skin, you might not get the job because the client will have to spend more money touching you up for longer.

Every job these days is touched up a little but taking care of your skin makes you stand out as a model and despite your lack of height your skin will be notice!

My favorite face cream is found at Bath and Body Works actually, it is pretty cheap too for the small bottles.
It is called: aquatanica Spa. I think the last time I was in there it was 4 for ten bucks or something crazy and wonderful! Here are some other new products to try:

These are some makeup brands to consider:

For hand creams a new product to try:

For footcreams, I like:
heel to toe

And for filing your nails try:

There are ways to have it all for less!

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