Friday, November 16, 2007

Petite Modeling Awareness, No Experienced Needed?

When a casting or posting on an internet modeling site says No Experience Needed, it makes me feel like the posting is a major scam. I would be VERY careful when using the Internet to seek out modeling jobs. MOST are not professional. And to get anywhere in modeling you need to focuson professionalism.

I think you are better off pitching yourself as a model to jobs where experience IS Needed, even if you don't have any. That way at least you know you are working with people who are experienced and professional and maybe you can learn a thing or two!

Beware of agencies and postings that say NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, ANY HEIGHT WELCOME.Usually for the modeling business an agency that is legit will not advertising on such sites anyways, even as a short model, being petite usually is seen as a negative so if an agency doesn't care about the height, it makes me feel weary about them from the get-go.

If the agency is just open to models of all heights, then make sure it doesn't cost you an arm or a leg to work with them.

Also it is ok to freelance, you don't have to SIGN with an agency, just freelance and you will get work from more than one agency.

If you want to find an agency stick to Google. And try plugging in
Commercial Print Modeling agencies + NYC

Or Talent Agencys, as a petite model, we will have a harder time getting into the fashion agencies, but there is a lot of work out there for us!

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