Monday, November 5, 2007

Modeling Scams over the Phone

I recently received a call and the other end said " Are you interested in modeling or acting?"

I found this very funny because all I have been doing the past 6 years is that!
Maybe I applied to their fake casting on Craigslist by mistake. Maybe they should have looked at my website and they would have seen all of my credits and photos and knew off the bat that clearly YES I am modeling and I have an acting reel and resume!

This was a clear sign that it was a scam or some set up where details don't matter.

It is easy to fall for a scam, when you are so anxious and ambitious to get ahead.

One question models fail to ask when they have an interview, or phone conversation or sign up with an agency, or modeling website is:

Why do you think I would be a great model?

Not asking to get approval but to test whether this agent, agency, website on the other end of the phone actually has seen your photo and isn't full of shit.

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