Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Modeling Power and Photos

The eyes are the key to the soul and the image.
Eyes sell the product and the story and you.
When you shoot focus on your eyes, it might sound weird, but focus on the natural feeling of your face relaxing and your eyes pinning the camera.

It is internal and you will feel when you GOT THE SHOT, inside you can feel it.
It is a feeling of strength and glamour and as if a spot light it on you and you have something to say but without words and only in your eyes.

For a headshot, for an editorial, for an ad campaign shot, the eyes sell.

Turn away from the camera for a moment, cock your head, and flip the hair for a moment, maybe look down until you almost forget your are shooting, and look all around the studio, room, etc, to relax and then go back to the camera and BAM! Hit it with those eyes.

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