Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to be A Petite Model, three tips

Stop thinking being petite is a negative. Yes, by pursuing the modeling industry you will be considered "too short," but only in the eyes of those who are short sighted. The biggest question I get is "How do I become a Model when I am so short?" My answer can be broken down into 3 tips.

1.Marketing Yourself: Getting a modeling agency should be your goal, but there is a lot you can do for yourself to make this process go faster. The first thing is marketing yourself in ways that make you appear very sellable. Sellable as in an agent will have to sell you, your smile, your look, etc to certain casting and jobs. If the agent doesn't think you are sellable then you won't be able to get an agent. Sometimes this can mean getting quality photos that enhance what you do have and hide or distract from what you don't (height). Your images are going to sell you so matter if you are five foot or five foot ten you need quality images. You should focus on what you have to offer the industry. Modeling isn't about only being confident in yourself it is also about knowing yourself. What do you have that will make an agent or brand, magazine, or product interested in having you represent it, or model for it? Whether it is your smile, your body, or your hair, your beautiful eyes, no matter your height there are features you have which can be sellable.

2.Getting quality photos: The next thing you need once you know what you have to offer the industry is photos. Don't just leave it up to the photographer to discover you. The Internet can make networking and connecting with photographers easier but be alarmed, because you only want to work with photographers who are just as ambitious as you. It is even better if these photographer's already work with magazines, and have gotten advertising, print, or commercial work through their photography. Working with photographers who are driven and take photography seriously will lead to quality images and also sometimes to work. ( for example: My first tear sheet didn't come from an agency it came from a photographer who worked with Woman's World Magazine.)

3.Take Control of your Goals: Just like a person starting their own business, modeling is a small business for you. So when you start pursuing modeling and having the interest remember that just doing a photo shoot or even getting one tear sheet in a magazine doesn't really make you a model. Being a model, especially when you are petite is about marketing and self promotion. A lot of models wait for the phone to ring and being active in your pursuits and goals is like launching a product. If you had a product you wanted to sell, would you just let it sit and wait? No, you pick up the phone, you could research and you could consider all the options for yourself. Alot of girls want to model and really it is as simple as getting involved with your goals. If you want to be in a magazine, why not research the editors and mail your photos, if you want to represent a product why not contact the product directly, the marketing department and research online the website and contact information and ask where the company finds their models and if you could submit to them and be one! It is about taking control of your modeling and your goals and making them happen for yourself.

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