Thursday, November 22, 2007

How do I model?

Girls ask me all the time,
How do I get into modeling?
The first thing is to ask yourself:
if it is only for your ego or to get back at a boyfriend or to show off your body then you might as well not even try, because modeling takes a lot more than pleasing the ego. Basically I get judged for even my hands when I model, I get judged for everything besides my height, you have to have tough skin and know what YOU are best at for the industry, so then the question isn't HOW DO I MODEL, but it is HOW DO I TAKE THE ASSETS I HAVE AND GIVE THEM TO THE INDUSTRY.
THE Second thing, is skipping all the bullshit, all the scams and the chance for mistakes, the answer is to go right to the source, call up agencies, research quality photographers, stop by a photography department at a college, or even ask your local printing company if any photographers ever use the service and if they can refer you to someone, and really go beyond the Internet to get ahead. For example: ONLY Putting your photo on a modeling website might get you some ego rubs, but hits and clicks don't define modeling as much as a tearsheet in a magazine, or modeling for an ad campaign,- that is what modeling is. Also, You need positive people on your side, creative people in your life and those who are driven, You don't find that by sitting on your butt, you have to seriously sometimes basically physically knock on the door! Girls think modeling has to be a secret, tell your mom, your friends, tell the people in your life and instead of keeping your plans to yourself, really start pursuing agencies, no matter your height, if you have good energy and good photos you can model. It is more about your drive than anything. IT IS BEST TO Use everything, not just one source.- Try to get with an agency, try to use the Internet to research agencies and photographers in your hometown. Almost every city has agencies, even the small ones like my home town Syracuse,NY. To MODEL, and seriously get work which makes you A MODEL, you need to make modeling your craft, not just your title, you need it to be a business, an interest, that you study and start taking ahold of your own goals.

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