Sunday, November 18, 2007

Comp card choices

Deciding what shots to use on your compcard is a battle sometimes.

Here are some tips:

1. a nice strong headshot, straight on to the camera, no tilting of head, just eyes staight on, for ideas: Look at the eyes of the person on the magazine covers

2. Body shots. It could be you in jeans, in a fitness outfit, in a bikini, or in a body parts pose. For example ideas: See the beauty section in magazines, or the product boxes for hand creams and body creams, or for another style look at a fitness magazine for ideas. It could be in action or you stretching.

3.Smiling. If you have personality and spunk and a great smile you want to show it.
This can be a seller, and almost for every commercial and print ad a smile is needed. Stop fussing over your teeth, photo shop can dix anything, just focus on getting a shot that shows your smile.

4. Action shot. It is good to have an action shot on your card, or a shot of you with a product. Even a shot of you getting out of a car, or taxi You putting on your shoes, or makeup, petting a dog, talking to another model in the shot to look like a lifestyle ad or editorial. For examples: Pick up a Cosmo magazine, or notice the ad campaigns for products like:
Banana Republic.

Something similar to these 4 shots should give you a great comp card!

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