Friday, October 26, 2007

Your Height As a Model is Second

Sometimes you have to make your own dreams come true. If that dream is modeling and you aren't 5'10 don't worry it can still be a realistic dream to model.

1. Work with Ambitious People: If you work with photographers that have ideas, drive, ambition and who want to be in magazines like you do then you will see results.

2. Be Realistic right Away: Except that you aren't a fashion model, and might never be famous or a super model but that there is modeling work for you as a petite model.

3. As a petite model remember that Modeling isn't only about sex and being sexy, it is about selling a product with this in mind start shooting you images like ad campaigns, shoot panty hose but in an advertising style, have shots with makeup on and off, and shoot jewelry, shoes, bags and style your hair in unique ways for hair magazine style shots.

4. Don't stick to one look. Have it all. Color, Black and White, Film and Digital, get enough styles of yourself for diversity in your portfolio book. Don't only shoot the same shot over and over, show your range from swimwear and also jeans and fashion shots, I don't mean high fashion I mean laughing and being the girl next door too.
(P.S for a portfolio book, Go to an Art Store, because some photography stores are expensive!)

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