Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Petite Models What have You Done for You Lately?

Each day is a chance to do something for your pursuits. Something even as simple as going to the post office and mailing your photos to an agent or casting director.

Taking ahold of your pursuits and setting goals only will lead you in the right direction, as a model and as a person.

Building your portfolio book as a petite model should mean that each photo is unique and sells your best assets, this means getting quality prints and a great place for photos for cheap is

There is a store in NYC but you can even order your photo prints online and they have great prices especially for a limited budget.

Launching your career, putting together a portfolio book, compcard, etc, shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg and if an agency tries to peel money out of you then peel yourself right out of the door, you can get representation, an agent, and photos for free you should never have to pay for great images, and you should never have to give any agency any money besides the percent from booking you a modeling job.

Use each day to get ahead, and strive and keep the energy going! Better your images, better yourself and start taking ahold of your pursuits.

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