Friday, October 19, 2007

Petite Models: Your Photos Mean Money

It might take a few weeks or months but it is worth the wait. Your Photos are all you got to sell you and in a matter of seconds you are in or out. So make sure you have shots that are clean, clear and represent you naturally. A Natural headshot will get you further than any card, because your face will be judged before your short legs! As a petite model you gotta focus on what you got so put together shoots that involve accessories where height doesn't matter,
like shooting handbags, sunglasses, lingerie, shoes, bathingsuits, try to put a product in each of your shots! Local designers in your town or city might loan you items to shoot, which can spice up your shoots. Your photos are the only thing that can sell you through an agent, and casting director so focus on the quality of your photo shoots and working with photographers who are as driven as you are.

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