Saturday, October 27, 2007

Petite Modeling Tips by Looking in the Mirror

Being petite means right off the bat it will be hard. The self serving you will do is extreme. And even getting one tear sheet will be after you have hustled or met the right people, or plain and simple applied yourself and submitted yourself.

But by taking a chance and trying you are opening the door a little wider for petite models everywhere. It is worth trying and striving even though it will be very hard.

A few things to keep in mind to stay focused:

1. Stick to what you got: Notice your traits, ( great eyes, lips, hair,ect), -not your flaws. Shorter models are being used more often in ad campaigns and print work and by promoting yourself towards this type of work you can get exposed and start to get a resume.

2.Use more than your body to get places. Use your hair, your petite proportions, and curvy for the better, and remember most women,girls are 5'3" through 5'6" most people aren't TALL. But to model and to beat the standards you need to get over the sexy part of model, that will only last so long, showing your ass will fade soon and you will find that the money and bigger exposure is in using yourself in more commercial and editorial ways.

3. Make every encounter count, whether the photographer was a jerk, or the agent said no...learn something from each experience. Before the agent slams the door in your face ask the agent. "WHAT DO YOU like about ME?" What do you think I have that I shoulf focus on as a model? Ask questions and look in the mirror. Your answers will be there.

4. Set goals for yourself and focus on them whether it be to be in a magazine or to simply work with more talented photographers.

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