Monday, October 22, 2007

Petite Modeling Magazines

Deciding you want to model when you are under 5'7" means you are petite. It means getting into the agency door is going to be a bitch. It means to even get any modeling work will be a challenge...but don't be let down yet!

There are opportunities in these types of magazines that maybe you haven't considered.

Modeling isn't just Vogue. It isn't just being naked either, you don't have to show your Vagina either. Modeling is sometimes hiding in places you wouldn't expect. Consider these magazines and a trip to Barnes and Noble or to get inspired. Usually if you focus on getting shots that might match the look of these type of magazines and then if you research the photo editors of the magazines might find your self inside the magazine or even on the cover.

Bead Magazine
Craft Magazines
Home furnishing magazines
Travel Magazine
Hair magazines
Wedding Magazines
Knitting magazines
Jewelry magazines ( trade magazines like jewelry can be found by Googling Jewelry Magazine)
Shoe Magazines ( trade magazines like this can be found by Googling)
Lingerie Magazines ( Not just Maxim but speciality magazines for the Lingerie Industry too)

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