Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Petite Modeling isn't Just Being SEXY

We all want an ego boost, but modeling is about selling a product, making a statement within your look. YOUR LOOK can be:

The styling
The Makeup
Your Expression
The Location
The Product
The Theme

Posing nude is fun and can be glamourous but focus on what will get you ahead, if you want to be in Playboy then focus on the styling of the magazine, focus on the makeup, on the scenery, on the images and photography, and try to match those looks in your portfolio and compcard and pictures. Some modeling agencies do work with Nude Magazines, but also you can submit your self if you work with a photographer that understands the look you want and you get pictures that are similar to the magazine you are submitting too. Also even if you are submitting yourself to a nude magazine, include some of your personality, a note, a poem, anything! Sell yourself, not just your ass and tits too!

If you want to model jeans or jewelry then make sure they are apart of your shoots. If you want to model for Verizon or a watch company then put on the damn watch and pose! Get images that reflect the goals you have. It will also prove to the company,casting director, and agency that you can be sellable if you show what you are capable of with your pictures. In modeling your pictures are the first thing seen and the last....so sell your personality, be remembered, but focus on quality images and stray away from anything that isn't going to be a growth experience for yourself as a model and person.

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sandy said...

I never thought I would pose nude but I discovered a new magazine called Carrie Leigh's Nude. It is a high end art, culture and photography publication that exhibits the work of photographers from around the world and the models seemed so natural that they looked like they were having fun.
I recently e mailed photos and now I think I will take your advise and send in a letter. I hope they respond, it does look like it could be something fun and exciting.