Monday, October 29, 2007

The Hobby and Modeling Career in You

Is modeling a career? or a hobby?

Is modeling full time? Or is modeling part time?

These are questions that can inspire our action and pursuits and goals.

When the average girl in America wants to start modeling she goes to the Internet, or maybe even these days to her Facebook or Myspace page. But getting in a magazine, working with a brand requires ALOT more. Work, and also approach, in the right way.

Alot of this has to do with persistance, and drive. With networking and surrouding yourself with ambitious minds.

Like an athlete...if you want to play in the NBA you need to make your craft a partof your life.

Ask yourself...
do you have a compcard? And other tools to market yourself. Or are you expecting only one outlet with your photo downloaded on it to sell you?

How will you be remembered when you leave a casting,meeting or photoshoot?

Modeling now means "the marketing of you" and it doesn't end with a click on the computer it only begins, but your outlets need to be beyond the Internet. The Internet can also make you appear amatuer.

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