Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ethnic Models

Ethnic models have alot of doors open! There is no reason to wait; there are plenty of opportunities for ethnic models, from hair care, to clothing, to lifestyle products. Ethnic models are on every source of advertising medium. From Print, to Commercials, to TV Hosts to Ad campaigns. From Liquors to shoes, and lipstick. And not just only in the ethnic market but nation wide and world wide. Every single magazine out there has used ethnic models and many magazines accept photos by mail, so there is not excuse and reason not to submit yourself and try.

All modeling agencies have ethnic divisions, but if you are a petite model, try a commercial print agency not only a high end fashion agency. The commercial print agency will be more likely to accept you and pick up the phone and ask “do you have an ethnic division? Then say...I'd like to submit my photos. And do it.

A nice face shot and a nice body shot! Smiling shots are best for print modeling, show your personality

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