Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ethnic Models

Ethnic models have alot of doors open! There is no reason to wait; there are plenty of opportunities for ethnic models, from hair care, to clothing, to lifestyle products. Ethnic models are on every source of advertising medium. From Print, to Commercials, to TV Hosts to Ad campaigns. From Liquors to shoes, and lipstick. And not just only in the ethnic market but nation wide and world wide. Every single magazine out there has used ethnic models and many magazines accept photos by mail, so there is not excuse and reason not to submit yourself and try.

All modeling agencies have ethnic divisions, but if you are a petite model, try a commercial print agency not only a high end fashion agency. The commercial print agency will be more likely to accept you and pick up the phone and ask “do you have an ethnic division? Then say...I'd like to submit my photos. And do it.

A nice face shot and a nice body shot! Smiling shots are best for print modeling, show your personality

Petite Models What have You Done for You Lately?

Each day is a chance to do something for your pursuits. Something even as simple as going to the post office and mailing your photos to an agent or casting director.

Taking ahold of your pursuits and setting goals only will lead you in the right direction, as a model and as a person.

Building your portfolio book as a petite model should mean that each photo is unique and sells your best assets, this means getting quality prints and a great place for photos for cheap is

There is a store in NYC but you can even order your photo prints online and they have great prices especially for a limited budget.

Launching your career, putting together a portfolio book, compcard, etc, shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg and if an agency tries to peel money out of you then peel yourself right out of the door, you can get representation, an agent, and photos for free you should never have to pay for great images, and you should never have to give any agency any money besides the percent from booking you a modeling job.

Use each day to get ahead, and strive and keep the energy going! Better your images, better yourself and start taking ahold of your pursuits.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Submitting to a Magazine

Even the editors say they accept photos by mail or email. So why haven't you tried yet?

Skipping the middle man is no easy feat. But it is possible and worth a try.

You can gain a resume just by licking a stamp or clicking the enter button on your computer.

Why not take a few of your best shots and submit them to the photo editors or editors at a magazine you want to be inside of.

Don't just pick fashion magazines. Remember that magazines even Psychology magazines needs models for their covers.

Spend a day in the book store and pick up some magazines you like, if your budget is low. Then grab a few, sit in one of the book rows and write down the names of the editors you want to mail your photos too. Or emails.

Go ahead. Try it. You will see results and it is worth a shot. What do you really have to lose?

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Hobby and Modeling Career in You

Is modeling a career? or a hobby?

Is modeling full time? Or is modeling part time?

These are questions that can inspire our action and pursuits and goals.

When the average girl in America wants to start modeling she goes to the Internet, or maybe even these days to her Facebook or Myspace page. But getting in a magazine, working with a brand requires ALOT more. Work, and also approach, in the right way.

Alot of this has to do with persistance, and drive. With networking and surrouding yourself with ambitious minds.

Like an athlete...if you want to play in the NBA you need to make your craft a partof your life.

Ask yourself...
do you have a compcard? And other tools to market yourself. Or are you expecting only one outlet with your photo downloaded on it to sell you?

How will you be remembered when you leave a casting,meeting or photoshoot?

Modeling now means "the marketing of you" and it doesn't end with a click on the computer it only begins, but your outlets need to be beyond the Internet. The Internet can also make you appear amatuer.

Using the Internet as a Petite model on a Budget

The Internet is not the place to start a modeling pursuit:

You need to remember these things

1. Hits and clicks don't equal tear sheets and tear sheets are what will make you stand apart as a model, especially a petite model.

2. It is easy to just forget about magazines, and ad campaigns when it seems everyone and their mother is a model on the web, but modeling takes place off the Internet and working with agents and agencies and editors, casting directors, is what will get you ahead.

3. remember it is best to spend your cash on a portfolio book, a compcard and start walking into real auditions and castings then just counting each day how many random people hit your page,....does that really matter and define you as a model?

Aim higher!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Modeling for a Product and a Point

Here are some props that are handy at your shoots to create lifestyle photos which work best for petite models. Try shooting these items like an ad campaign, pick up a magazine to get ideas from ads. As a petite model, you might not make it into a photo spread in Vogue but you have a bigger chance being in ad campaign for a product, like a hair product, or a handbag company. To get this work it sometimes means showing examples through shooting...

Handbags coffee, alcoholic beverages, soda
Panty hose
jewelry-like rings

....and paint your fingernails and toes, even clear... the shiny reflection looks nice but depending on the outfit and atmosphere the color shouldn't be too bold.

Petite Modeling Tips by Looking in the Mirror

Being petite means right off the bat it will be hard. The self serving you will do is extreme. And even getting one tear sheet will be after you have hustled or met the right people, or plain and simple applied yourself and submitted yourself.

But by taking a chance and trying you are opening the door a little wider for petite models everywhere. It is worth trying and striving even though it will be very hard.

A few things to keep in mind to stay focused:

1. Stick to what you got: Notice your traits, ( great eyes, lips, hair,ect), -not your flaws. Shorter models are being used more often in ad campaigns and print work and by promoting yourself towards this type of work you can get exposed and start to get a resume.

2.Use more than your body to get places. Use your hair, your petite proportions, and curvy for the better, and remember most women,girls are 5'3" through 5'6" most people aren't TALL. But to model and to beat the standards you need to get over the sexy part of model, that will only last so long, showing your ass will fade soon and you will find that the money and bigger exposure is in using yourself in more commercial and editorial ways.

3. Make every encounter count, whether the photographer was a jerk, or the agent said no...learn something from each experience. Before the agent slams the door in your face ask the agent. "WHAT DO YOU like about ME?" What do you think I have that I shoulf focus on as a model? Ask questions and look in the mirror. Your answers will be there.

4. Set goals for yourself and focus on them whether it be to be in a magazine or to simply work with more talented photographers.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Your Height As a Model is Second

Sometimes you have to make your own dreams come true. If that dream is modeling and you aren't 5'10 don't worry it can still be a realistic dream to model.

1. Work with Ambitious People: If you work with photographers that have ideas, drive, ambition and who want to be in magazines like you do then you will see results.

2. Be Realistic right Away: Except that you aren't a fashion model, and might never be famous or a super model but that there is modeling work for you as a petite model.

3. As a petite model remember that Modeling isn't only about sex and being sexy, it is about selling a product with this in mind start shooting you images like ad campaigns, shoot panty hose but in an advertising style, have shots with makeup on and off, and shoot jewelry, shoes, bags and style your hair in unique ways for hair magazine style shots.

4. Don't stick to one look. Have it all. Color, Black and White, Film and Digital, get enough styles of yourself for diversity in your portfolio book. Don't only shoot the same shot over and over, show your range from swimwear and also jeans and fashion shots, I don't mean high fashion I mean laughing and being the girl next door too.
(P.S for a portfolio book, Go to an Art Store, because some photography stores are expensive!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Petite Modeling isn't Just Being SEXY

We all want an ego boost, but modeling is about selling a product, making a statement within your look. YOUR LOOK can be:

The styling
The Makeup
Your Expression
The Location
The Product
The Theme

Posing nude is fun and can be glamourous but focus on what will get you ahead, if you want to be in Playboy then focus on the styling of the magazine, focus on the makeup, on the scenery, on the images and photography, and try to match those looks in your portfolio and compcard and pictures. Some modeling agencies do work with Nude Magazines, but also you can submit your self if you work with a photographer that understands the look you want and you get pictures that are similar to the magazine you are submitting too. Also even if you are submitting yourself to a nude magazine, include some of your personality, a note, a poem, anything! Sell yourself, not just your ass and tits too!

If you want to model jeans or jewelry then make sure they are apart of your shoots. If you want to model for Verizon or a watch company then put on the damn watch and pose! Get images that reflect the goals you have. It will also prove to the company,casting director, and agency that you can be sellable if you show what you are capable of with your pictures. In modeling your pictures are the first thing seen and the sell your personality, be remembered, but focus on quality images and stray away from anything that isn't going to be a growth experience for yourself as a model and person.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Petite Modeling Magazines

Deciding you want to model when you are under 5'7" means you are petite. It means getting into the agency door is going to be a bitch. It means to even get any modeling work will be a challenge...but don't be let down yet!

There are opportunities in these types of magazines that maybe you haven't considered.

Modeling isn't just Vogue. It isn't just being naked either, you don't have to show your Vagina either. Modeling is sometimes hiding in places you wouldn't expect. Consider these magazines and a trip to Barnes and Noble or to get inspired. Usually if you focus on getting shots that might match the look of these type of magazines and then if you research the photo editors of the magazines might find your self inside the magazine or even on the cover.

Bead Magazine
Craft Magazines
Home furnishing magazines
Travel Magazine
Hair magazines
Wedding Magazines
Knitting magazines
Jewelry magazines ( trade magazines like jewelry can be found by Googling Jewelry Magazine)
Shoe Magazines ( trade magazines like this can be found by Googling)
Lingerie Magazines ( Not just Maxim but speciality magazines for the Lingerie Industry too)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Petite Models, think beyond the Typical Model Muse Box

Petite models need to Think beyond the norm. Being the underdog means you have to think to get ahead. You have to think creatively about getting in the door and booking jobs and get the photos you need.

This can mean: Being more in control at your shoots, and working with a photographer who has goals and a creative energy and when at your shoots try styling them and creating the concepts for the story you want to tell within your photos, - if you want to be in a jeans ad campaign or be a hair model or beauty model or lingerie model, you need to shoot in these styles and continue to work on your poses and styling of your shoots.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Petite Models: Your Photos Mean Money

It might take a few weeks or months but it is worth the wait. Your Photos are all you got to sell you and in a matter of seconds you are in or out. So make sure you have shots that are clean, clear and represent you naturally. A Natural headshot will get you further than any card, because your face will be judged before your short legs! As a petite model you gotta focus on what you got so put together shoots that involve accessories where height doesn't matter,
like shooting handbags, sunglasses, lingerie, shoes, bathingsuits, try to put a product in each of your shots! Local designers in your town or city might loan you items to shoot, which can spice up your shoots. Your photos are the only thing that can sell you through an agent, and casting director so focus on the quality of your photo shoots and working with photographers who are as driven as you are.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Petite Model and Body Part Compcard

If you are petite most likely you have really nice "parts" proportioned and if so you could also put together a body parts card featuring your hands, feet, legs, stomach, back side, because there is a lot of modeling jobs available for petite models through body part modeling. For example in the beauty section in magazines you might see a shot of a girls lips, or hands or feet, these are body part photos, and asking a photographer to also shoot your Parts seperately might be a good idea.

Modeling Agencies look for in a Petite Model

Modeling Agencies look for:

-clear facial skin, with a natural attractive, appealing, fresh look. This can mean sometimes tweezing and shaping eyebrows.
-stylish and clean, healthy hair
-that your hair has personality and fits your face shape
-your body skin color is of one tone
-you have a proportioned body no matter your height
-have limited blemishes or can cover them with makeup
-neat hands and toes
-that you are on time and easy to work with
-that you return phone calls and if cancel a job give notice

For commercial print modeling agencies usually the model has to provide the comp cards which the agency will use to sell you, this composite card is like your photo marketing tool, it is a 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" card stock portfolio featuring 3-5 of your best shoots and looks. Showing diversity on this card is going to make you more sellable as a model. Showing shots of your range and personality and diversity as a model. From being sophisticated to showing some skin.

Petite Modeling Agencies

These are great print Modeling Agencies in New York City, they all accept photos through mail or email:

Cunningham Escott-