Monday, December 31, 2007

Becoming a Model is Possible

You might think your height, or not perfect skin tone might be enough of a reason to give up modeling or not try modeling. It is the wrong attitude though. If you focus on your images and show the best sides, parts, and features that you have, then you can be a model. You might never be on America's Next Top Model, and you might never get with a modeling agency like Ford, Elite, etc, but there is plenty of work out there for you if you understand where you DO fit into the modeling world. This coming year, use your energy and put it towards taking the right steps to get great images, get a compcard, and start researching the brands you want to model for and start applying. The Dove ad campaign is a perfect example of how advertising and modeling is changing and the commercial modeling world accepts all heights, sizes, and skin tones, so use what you got, sell your personality, and focus on what you do have and bring it forward!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Modeling Tips for Shoe Modeling

Size six means Pay! Shoe modeling is a good job for a petite model.
Footwear Plus is a trade magazine that models that want to shoe model should read, also pay attention to shoe ad campaigns and tradeshows in NYC, VEGAS and nationwide that need shoe models. Even without an agent you can simply email a brand and ask if they need a shoe model. Usually it can get you a great gig that will last a few days shoe modeling at the shoe shows that take place 4-5 times a year. To submit yourself you do need to have a nice photo of your feet, something simple, to the point, basic, and you need a shot of your whole body, and also one just of your foot as well.

If the shoe company is for sneakers, don't send a photo of yourself in high heels, market yourself for the products you want to model for.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Self Publishing,Promotion and Researching

After some time researching and noticing an article by Katie Hafner in the NYTIME this past fall I contacted her and let her know of my own Apple Store experience, and today in the Business section of the New York Times today a piece of my story was featured in an article she wrote called Inside Apple Stores, a Certain Aura Enchants the Faithful. Published: December 27, 2007: Here is the link to read the article that features my personal "inside the Apple Store" experience.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Modeling Industry is Changing

If you can now get your self in a national commercial, music video, and magazine without an agent, it shares insight to where the modeling business and entertainment business is going. It is going towards persistance and getting your pursuits to happen yourself. Finding unconventional means to get ahead and get in the door and market yourself. Sure beauty and height and being proportioned can help but it isn't the end all or the only way.

Staying diverse is key, bikini, sweater, dishwashing soap and shoes, should all be your goals, nothing is not for can do it all and you should. You photos shouldn't limit you but expand your modeling chances, and it is the way to really get work and stay consistantly working if you do not become narrow minded or only chase one thing. Maybe you wont be able to quit your day job or bar job totally but if you don't waste time, and really apply yourself then you will be able to get ahead.

Modeling for Beauty, Height, and Agents no More

The three misconceptions a lot of girls think modeling is about:

Being beautiful. I think modeling is becoming more and more about personality. You can’t just be hot to get ahead, it might last for a little while or get someone in the door, but you have to bring to the ad campaign, commercial, or magazine a story that says more than “ I am so pretty.” Modeling isn’t just about being sexy and I love being sexy and wearing cute shoes, but there is a lot of work for the girl next door in America too. I think about these things because the average girl in America is the one who is shopping, so that is the audience the products need to perceive that you are modeling if you are petite…...Sure, high end fashion is nice and admired, but as a model, you can get work just by being yourself easily or commercial products. You are more likely to be in a PETCO ad campaign than on the runway. But still that is modeling. Then there is Height: I think a tall model will always be in demand because of the history of modeling, and how fashion is loyal to the measurements in design, but when it comes to getting work as a model, there is plenty of it no matter your height; you just have to sometimes seek it out. And know yourself, if you are 5’2” don’t expect to be a fashion model, but you can be so much more than that if you know how to market yourself.

Modeling Agents and Managers

It sure feels good to have a modeling agent, or to be able to answer when someone says " Who do you work with?" Or " whose your modeling agent?" but tonight on my modeling podcast I talk about what the future of the modeling business is going to be, and it could mean the end of all agents all together...or it could just mean that hustling is something we have to do more than ever!

Type in this link or click:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Modeling Agencies for petite models are around!

It isn't only FORD MODELS and Elite Models. Which all have very strick height requirement. But there is so much more a petite model can consider but sometimes it isn’t blunt on the page or a Google search, mainly because Google doesn;t do us justice! The results of the words Modeling Agency are not very inspiring for a petite model.

Don't forget talent agencies, not just fashion modeling agencies, but submit yourself to places where you will be accepted.

First thing I booked with Funny Face Today, FFT was a job on As the World Turns, they needed a girl who was comfortable in a bathing suit, and I was, and I booked another job through another agency for Teen Vogue fit modeling.

If you have experience and an established portfolio Wilhelmina Models might work with you for print.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Internet Modeling Websites

Remember, what you post can stay on online history, and can haunt you later.

Beware, and be smart about the images you post on the Internet.

In my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4", I share details on some mistakes I made by letting the wrong images get on the Internet and the hell I went through to get them off. If you post images, make sure they are images that represent your future, where you want to be, where you are going, but beware when you post something that it might not ever come off the Internet, Goodluck!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Modeling Tips: Petite Models look best when wearing...

If you are looking for the right outfit to make your body look taller, it wont really be totally all about the clothing but about your posture and telling the photographer if he doesn't know it already, to please shoot you from an upward angle, to make your legs appear taller. It is sad when you have sometimes be the boss, but you do sometimes to get the shot you need. Here are some tips of what to wear to look taller and more lean:

If you want to shoot lingerie, don't just put on a thong and bra, wearing thigh highs can make your legs look shiny and narrow.

Of course heels, but pick both pairs, some that shoe toes and some that don't. Wearing boots even can make your legs seem longer. Especially if the boots go to the knee, but remember to arch your back if standing and to stretch our your fore-leg if sitting. ( the leg closest to the camera)

The shorter your hair is also the taller you will seem. When your neck is seen you always appear taller. I am not saying chop your hair but when you style is, pull the hair away from you, it can drag you down and make you appear shorter.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Collecting your images without a mess

It is frustrating when you spend so much time and effort on a shoot and then you have to fight for your images.

Make sure before working with a photographer that YOU have the rights to the images to use them for your printing (especially with film), make sure you are able to even submit a few to magazines, and make sure you will get the number of images you are expecting by talking about it before hand.

Emails can also be proof of a conversation so have everything panned out before you shoot to save a struggle to get your photos.

Most photographers will be nice and consideration -especially if you are paying for the shots, but always make sure you both are on the same page!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

petite modeling is modeling

Modeling isn't just fashion or runway or all those things people who are narrow minded say it is. Modeling is about selling a product, don't forget this, even though the Internet makes it how hits and clicks and hotness and how much skin your show can be a turn on and intriguing. I still think to gain work as a model you have to have the photos and marketing tools that WILL get you opportunities.

Here are some ideas for getting a portfolio that is full of images that will help you get ahead in the advertising world.

1. Shoot images that involve products, model more than just yourself in the shot

2. Look at the ads you like and try to get images that portray yourself uniquely but also as if you are stating a message, telling a story through the shot.

3. Use props. A boring background or backdrop can kill a shot, but a unique couch or perfectly lit door way or hall way can create an interesting story by itself. Grab a handbag or a cocktail! Now all you have to do is pose!

You don't have to download your photos on the Internet, and don't think you Do. It is better to get a compcard, portfolio and sharpen the tools you really need. That professionals really care about.

Working it out Petite Models

Do you go to the gym every day? Ok, a couple times a week? Ok, once in awhile?
Do you have a decent body, a great body, a tone petite body? Then you should consider fitness modeling. Not just using your body for sexy photo shoots, but also for fitness photo shoots and magazines. Start by even getting into gear and going for a run at the park, or do a session at the gym and bring the photographer with you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Modeling Advice for the Shorty's

There is a lot of work for the petite model if you open your mind and stick to your focus. Get over that you wont be a tall Giraffe/model/ and you wont ever rock the runway for Gucci. Accept that you could become Gucci's hand model or shoe model but accept the areas you really should pursue and chase.

It is frustrating to have to settle and know/focus what you are best for, but sometimes getting in the door at an agency for one thing can lead to others. If you submit yourself to an agency as a great model with greay body parts, or eyes, or energy, you might get in the door, and then once you book a job, you might be considered for the other areas in the agency...such as more print work or commercial work.

Talent agencies are also great. They accept shorter models. The best thing to do is keep submitting to these agencies, and keep shooting with quality photographers. Don't forget to submit to the smaller agencies too. You will get into the door, it just might not be the door you hoped for at first...but soon the other bigger agencies and jobs will come.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Modeling Advice, Getting an Agency

It isn't about what type of a model you dream of being, it is about the type of Model you CAN be. Honestly finding a way to market yourself and getting an agent to want to market you too.

Sometimes it is best to get a tearsheet or something in your book besides just images. If there is a local magazine in your town, or a newspaper that always had new models for their ads contact them. You will have an easier time getting an agent if you have already a tearsheet that proves you can work. When contacting a photographer don't just plan a shoot, ask if the photographer has been in a magazine, or who the clients they work with are? Be vocal about your pursuits and try to push to get in a magazine, ( even a basic, City magazine about events and such in your town) Anything that will make you stand out and be seen as a working model to an agency.

Remember it isn't just about being sexy and wearing a barely there bikini, you want to push to get GREAT face shots too. And shots that show your BEST Features!

Also remember: You can freelance with an agency so there is no need to sign a modeling contract, unless you are VERY sure the agency will be hustling for you very hard. It is very common to Freelance as a petite model with many agencies. And get work from all of them.

Still it never ends just because you have an agent. It only gets more busy and tough, it is a competitive world and modeling is no different, each day if you want to stay competitive you need to be hustling for yourself, even looking for more than one agency.

Monday, December 10, 2007

So You Want a Modeling Agency

To get a modeling agency interested in you consider these 3 tips:

1. Get a Tearsheet, sometimes if you can show you can work, and have worked it helps to intrigue an agent. You might get a chance despite being considered too short normally.

2. Call the agency and ask what photographers they test with. Even if this means you have to fork out some money to test with the photographer, if you tell the photographer you are really interested in the agencues he works with maybe he will tell the agent about you.

3. Submit over and over. Just because you get a no, doesn't mean in a few weeks or a month you can't try again with new photos and keep up dating and improving your pictures.

4. Scope out their website. Look at what models they work with, and see what similar models they have to you, and try to get images in a similar style.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The More Models Know, Modeling Advice and Modeling Tips

I discovered another site for modeling advice and when you want to learn something modeling or have a question about modeling it can seem there are limited places to turn too, especially if you are a petite model.

The big question seems to be about height. I think the atittude should be more about persistance. Staying ambitious, researching and always looking for new angles and ways to promote yourself as a model.

3 Petite Modeling Tips for posing in Lingerie

My tips are based on my experience as a petite model in NYC:

1. Diversity: Don't just shoot in thongs. Shoot in full back underwear, boyshorts, and panties of all kinds.

2. Posing: Lingerie modeling isn't just about showing it and flaunting it, sometimes it is best to relax on the couch, stretch your legs out and chill and not just be all hard and tough. A lot of girls pose to mean and rough, I think a lingerie shot looks best when it is soft, sincere, like you aren't trying too hard, just being you in your lingerie, feeling sexy and desired without the pouty lips, just relax.

3. Heels! No matter your height, or size of your behind or your curves, wearing heels is a MUST for Lingerie modeling. Unless it is more of a casual wear under garment.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Petite Model Poses in front of the Apple Store, 14th Street, NYC

The third Apple Store launches today in NYC on 14th Street and 9th Avenue, it makes the West side of the city a little more exciting and the long walks worth it to the way way west side! Can someone invent the 9th Avenue subway please? Anyways this week I posed in front of the new Apple Store in my cute Nina shoes and they are so so hot and so is the new Apple store! Media Bistro posted the pics this afternoon, and even standing on a rock wearing my heels and standing tall and seperating my legs a bit a look like a TALL chick!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hand Modeling and Animals

Hands painted by Guido Daniele. I hope this is the correct artist. I really love his hand painting and since I do hand modeling I love it! I even sent it to my body parts agent because I really think this is impressive,and drawing on your own hand is very technical and I admire it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Self Serving as a Model and Author

What's on the menu is chasing what you want and making it happen for yourself!
On my podcast I discuss the hustle involved and the way modeling has helped me to KNOW how to go about publishing a book.

Modeling and Publishing a Book

I think modeling and publishing a book are similar. The same idea of hunting for a modeling agent, and hunting for a book agent. Pitching your modeling portfolio and pitching your manuscript. Researching outlets for press and exposure on your book, similar to researching magazines and outlets for you to model.

How Can I be A Model?

This is a common question I get. The other day a girl contacted me because she did a search on famous petite models and found me, I was flattered but I don't consider myself famous and that isn't the goal. I think we get so wrapped up in the fame being the success we want, and we forget that success is about the small highs along the way. And over coming the lows. Sometimes it just takes meeting a great person who inspires you, meeting a cool photographer finally, getting an agent, or getting your first tearsheets to encourage you. But set your goals high and realistic. No matter your height or weight or color there is work out there for you. Ask your self: Am I really pursuing modeling or am I just waiting? Having an agent, a few tearsheets might be your only goal, but there is a lot more to chase. When a girl wonders " how can I be a model?" I think she should understand not just the photo shoots and the makeup and fun it involves, but also the work.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Petite Models Ignore the Rules and Requirements

If you settle for the answers sometimes, you will get no where. Waiting for the opportunity doesn't make it happen sooner either.

Just because there is a height requirement for an agency or a certain job, it doesn't mean you can't submit anyways.

If you let No control you, or holding back because your fear of failure you will never succeed.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Petite Modeling Winter Tips

it's cold out now unless you live with warm weather year round. But this chill in the air doesn't mean you can't still focus on your modeling. I think even posing while wearing a winter coat is a good idea. But make sure the coat doesn't drown you and still shows your shape and personality.

Focus on catalogs, the smiles and the energy for the shot and pose.

Also the winter time is a perfect time to start getting organized. Time to revamp your portfolio and images. Go through your recent shoots and decided which you like, which can be cropped and used? Which could be printed to be in a portfolio? Also think about what you like and don't like about the shots you took and work on improving that in your next shoot. The best way to judge yourself is to look at yourself. A good photographer can catch you and capture you usually within one shoot, but sometimes it can take up to 3-4 to get a quality comp card and book together. It might sound routine but Modeling is about images and petite models need to focus on that because to get work we have to work on making our height that last thing that is noticed.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Petite Model in Ad campaign

Recently in the Ecco shoes ad campaign they currently have a petite model wearing the shoes in their ads. She is blond and sitting in a chair in a black shoe and it is inspiring.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Funk Up that Hair! Hair and Wigs for Modeling

Hair Wigs and weaves are also for white girls. Don't be narrow minded, you might be able to plump up your hair instead of shooting again your thin dry blond locks at your next shoot. Or change your look quickly from short hair to long! On The View today they mentioned unique weaves and hair wings, I have worn both at my shoots, for example see the photo enclosed! I loved how Joy Behar got in with the wig style and showed off her locks on The View today! She always has something sassy to say and she is my favorite and she looked very good. So girls, petite models, ladies, don't be afraid to use a weave or wig or extentions at your shoot. A few months ago, when I body doubled for a movie poster I had to use extentions, they clipped in and at the time I had short hair but within minutes I had long curly hair. The photo enclosed is from a shoot I did in San Francisco, by Christopher Jensen.

Why You can't Model?

Ask yourself why you can't model. After you tell someone you can't. Think about why?
Really it is only yourself. If you want to do something that is difficault, you have to accept it will be. You have know with a passion to over come the odds that you can.

If you want your modeling tearsheets and agents and work handed to you, then go back to bed and dream about being 5'10 or something. Besides having things handed to you makes life boring anyways, right. Chasing and trying is something that brings even other opportunities.

Being a petite model will be hard, every day you will face new goals and have to figure out how to chase them and get inside the door, get better photos, market yourself, and get ahead. But if you stay ambitious it will happen.

Don't tell me your can't model.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Self Serving through modeling and publishing a book

I spoke last night with Marion Maneker from Harper Collins about marketing books and the publishing industry. The experience of speaking about my pursuits even reminded me of the effort I experienced and that self serving, having good marketing skills, is a major asset for publishing a book.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to be A Petite Model, three tips

Stop thinking being petite is a negative. Yes, by pursuing the modeling industry you will be considered "too short," but only in the eyes of those who are short sighted. The biggest question I get is "How do I become a Model when I am so short?" My answer can be broken down into 3 tips.

1.Marketing Yourself: Getting a modeling agency should be your goal, but there is a lot you can do for yourself to make this process go faster. The first thing is marketing yourself in ways that make you appear very sellable. Sellable as in an agent will have to sell you, your smile, your look, etc to certain casting and jobs. If the agent doesn't think you are sellable then you won't be able to get an agent. Sometimes this can mean getting quality photos that enhance what you do have and hide or distract from what you don't (height). Your images are going to sell you so matter if you are five foot or five foot ten you need quality images. You should focus on what you have to offer the industry. Modeling isn't about only being confident in yourself it is also about knowing yourself. What do you have that will make an agent or brand, magazine, or product interested in having you represent it, or model for it? Whether it is your smile, your body, or your hair, your beautiful eyes, no matter your height there are features you have which can be sellable.

2.Getting quality photos: The next thing you need once you know what you have to offer the industry is photos. Don't just leave it up to the photographer to discover you. The Internet can make networking and connecting with photographers easier but be alarmed, because you only want to work with photographers who are just as ambitious as you. It is even better if these photographer's already work with magazines, and have gotten advertising, print, or commercial work through their photography. Working with photographers who are driven and take photography seriously will lead to quality images and also sometimes to work. ( for example: My first tear sheet didn't come from an agency it came from a photographer who worked with Woman's World Magazine.)

3.Take Control of your Goals: Just like a person starting their own business, modeling is a small business for you. So when you start pursuing modeling and having the interest remember that just doing a photo shoot or even getting one tear sheet in a magazine doesn't really make you a model. Being a model, especially when you are petite is about marketing and self promotion. A lot of models wait for the phone to ring and being active in your pursuits and goals is like launching a product. If you had a product you wanted to sell, would you just let it sit and wait? No, you pick up the phone, you could research and you could consider all the options for yourself. Alot of girls want to model and really it is as simple as getting involved with your goals. If you want to be in a magazine, why not research the editors and mail your photos, if you want to represent a product why not contact the product directly, the marketing department and research online the website and contact information and ask where the company finds their models and if you could submit to them and be one! It is about taking control of your modeling and your goals and making them happen for yourself.

Speaking about my book

I am speaking about my book at 6:30 today, and discussing writing it at the Apple store, publishing it and the process of marketing myself!

This is a free event for anyone who wants to learn more about marketing their books and themselves at the Bowery Poetry Club, hosted by Bookspoke,

Speakers: Isobella Jade and Marion Maneker
When: Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 6:30 PM
Where: Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery (@ Bleecker)
New York, NY 10003

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hair styling Modeling Tips and Advice

Modeling hair style tips and advice from Bill Schrlau

As a freelance model sometimes I have had to style my own hair at my photo shoots when there wasn't a hair stylist, and without knowing any unique tricks the results really did effect the shoot and it was bad! I wished I had a hair professional helping me but I didn't know where to turn. I have learned over the years that modeling isn't about one thing, it takes the whole package to create an amazing shot and hair is so very important. Bill Schrlau, an award winning hairstylist and professional,shares advice for petite models and models who need some tips at their shoots for making their hair have personality. I met and worked with Bill during a hair modeling job I did at Wella and it is nice to hear advice from someone whose forte is hairstyling and hair fashion trends.

Okay keep in mind I would always recomend that you use a professional, they can see your hair unlike you can on your own. However we all understand that their are moments when you need to do the work yourself. These are the looks I would recomend and you should be able to replicate on your own. Also if you are paying for a haircut, eventually, your hairstylist should be willing to spend the time to help you learn these looks. It only looks good for the hairstylist if you can recreate the
look on yourself.

1. Slicked backProduct & tools; comb, gel or light gel, water bottle -How to; A.Prep hair with water, B.apply product, C.comb through and smooth. Longer hair use ponytail fastener to hold back. Short hair comb toward center back, use bobby pins to fasten if needed. Keep in mind the angle of the photographer. The hair does not have to be perfect in the back if the back is not seen, stop wasting time making it perfect, LOL.

2. Ponytail
Product & tools; comb, gel, best product I have worked with for the wet pony is "Styling lotion, by Bumble & Bumble", "Does it all" hairspray by Bumble & Bumble, comb, cushion brush (maison Peirson $125- is the best quality, or you can get by with a denman $under $20-the quality is good, just not as good as M.P.), another product that will help with a smooth finish is, Bumble & Bumble "Defrizz". Use it at finish lightly though, to smooth any fly aways around the hairline, follow with hairspray. How to; A.Prep by brushing first. B. dirty the hair- with either hairspray (does it all) or styling lotion. Then make sure the hair is dry. On days that static is an issue use cooler air and keep the air flowing downward. C.In front of mirror comb into back center into a ponytail, keeping in mind that there are three definate positionings for a ponytail and each says something different about your look. High is more youthful and sometimes juveniela(sp). Medium crown- gives you a lift in the face but not as youthful or too young. Low- nape area-screams class. It is a bit more elegant so for those shoots that you need a classy look this is the way to go, keep it low. D.once in place- fasten with a fastener (keep it soft,so that it is not too tight on the hair, this can eventually cause breakage.)

3. Upwork Product & tools, brush, comb, hair fasteners, bobby pins, hairspray, defrizz. How to; Prep hair get it dirty (not too dirty, but with texture so that it is easier to fasten with bobby pins), then brush into ponytail. Then back comb the pony tail (tease it), then twist a few bobby pins into the teased hair and fasten along the edge of the ponytail. You will have hair sticking up all over the place,or you can smooth the teased hair before fastening with bobby pins,this will give a more put together look. This one is a much more difficult look but be simple and if you need to push and prod the hair then go ahead, make it work for you, rough it up a bit to get that once over slept in look.

I hope this helps.

The best part of this advice is to have them get help from their hairstylist. Set a price on it. If you pay $80 or more for a cut your hair stylist should be giving you this help without being asked- at least two different looks on each visit. If they are not it may be time to seek another hairstylist out.

Thank you,
Bill's services and eye has been used for national brands and is a nationa leader published in American Salon, Modern Salon, Salon Today Magazines.
He even offers his services to you and you can visit his website at

Monday, November 26, 2007

Plus Size models and Petite Models

Plus Size models are getting there way into the modeling business, it has been a hustle for them and since my mother is of a plus size I do understand their struggles. I am glad to see retail is going more plus size and even at H&M there is a plus size section. It is inspiring because it can also mean there are more opportunities for the petite models. I plan on contacting some retailers and asking, why don't you have more petite sizes, considering that the average girl in America is 5'3"?

There is a website called

and also there is if you want to check them out.

For the plus size model when you google Plus Size model there really isn't enough.

Petite Models are Great for Jewelry Modeling

I love modeling jewelry and as a petite model it is a great way to show your look for your shoots. I recently heard from a jewelry designer and she told me that she uses petite models for her advertising and then she sent me a message about a discount she was offering for petite models. How cool!
Enclosed is the link to her website and the code to get the discount!

"To support Isobella and to thank her for her support of Corazon Latino, I would like to offer you, her "readers" a special 10% off introductory discount on our entire range. Just visit our site, and take a look at the range. If you see something you like, just head to the checkout & when you register enter coupon code INTRO307 into the coupon code box for a 10% discount off your order. You can check out the prices in US & Can and others,(just click the flag & choose your currency). You can pay by all major credit cards safely & securely & we will ship worldwide within a week."

Enjoy! Catherine D'Arcy - Founder - Corazon Latino.

It is great to speak to designers who support the petite models and who aren't short sighted.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Petite Model poses for Corazon Latino

Petite Models, start using what you do have to get places and work!

A quote from the founder of Corazon Latino about their lovely petite model Terry.

"The model in all our shots; Terry Bird, is Petite. Around 5ft tall and about a size 2I would guess. We chose Terry the first time because she had beautiful skin, curves in the right places & great bones which is exactly what you need to show off jewellery. Her skin tone was great for our "latino" feel & it set off the jewellery & showed people that brunettes could wear silver not just gold. We worked with her on the second range, because not only was she the perfect body for our jewellery she was also the perfect model. No drama, no tantrums. A true professional. She would hold a position for hours, she would really try and understand the jewellery & suggest shots that might work. She put in 12 hour days & she never complained no matter how much we asked of her. How many catwalk prima donnas could do that?" Catherine D'Arcy. Founder - Corazon Latino.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

How do I model?

Girls ask me all the time,
How do I get into modeling?
The first thing is to ask yourself:
if it is only for your ego or to get back at a boyfriend or to show off your body then you might as well not even try, because modeling takes a lot more than pleasing the ego. Basically I get judged for even my hands when I model, I get judged for everything besides my height, you have to have tough skin and know what YOU are best at for the industry, so then the question isn't HOW DO I MODEL, but it is HOW DO I TAKE THE ASSETS I HAVE AND GIVE THEM TO THE INDUSTRY.
THE Second thing, is skipping all the bullshit, all the scams and the chance for mistakes, the answer is to go right to the source, call up agencies, research quality photographers, stop by a photography department at a college, or even ask your local printing company if any photographers ever use the service and if they can refer you to someone, and really go beyond the Internet to get ahead. For example: ONLY Putting your photo on a modeling website might get you some ego rubs, but hits and clicks don't define modeling as much as a tearsheet in a magazine, or modeling for an ad campaign,- that is what modeling is. Also, You need positive people on your side, creative people in your life and those who are driven, You don't find that by sitting on your butt, you have to seriously sometimes basically physically knock on the door! Girls think modeling has to be a secret, tell your mom, your friends, tell the people in your life and instead of keeping your plans to yourself, really start pursuing agencies, no matter your height, if you have good energy and good photos you can model. It is more about your drive than anything. IT IS BEST TO Use everything, not just one source.- Try to get with an agency, try to use the Internet to research agencies and photographers in your hometown. Almost every city has agencies, even the small ones like my home town Syracuse,NY. To MODEL, and seriously get work which makes you A MODEL, you need to make modeling your craft, not just your title, you need it to be a business, an interest, that you study and start taking ahold of your own goals.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Petite Modeling on a Dime

So Maybe you are broke, and you don't have a ton of funds. This is normal for models but if you want photos and the photographer normally asks for an arm and leg, why not tell the photographer up front " I only have $300 dollars what can you give me for that?"

Most photographers are hustlers, dreamers and creative souls like us models, so they will give you at least something for the money you DO have

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Shortest of them All

Just because none of the girls on America's Next Top model are under 5'9" doesn't mean there is not any modeling for you.

Whether your height, weight, or look there is modeling for you keep you keep your focus and look beyond fashion.

Fashion will always be a challange, for some understandable reason, even though the average girl in America is not 5'9" clothing is made to fit girls of this length, height. I put on my highest heels and still the jeans drag on the ground. Makes one petite model want to start a clothing line, it is sort of embarressing walking into a store and asking for size SHORT!

In fashion it does come down to slim is better. The taller you are the more the eye thinks of skinny and slim.

If you think of a girl 5'2 and then a girl 5'9- which in your mind is slimmer?

Same sort of mindset goes towards the fashion world, so stick to commercial print and even if you are the shortest of them all walking into the modeling agency, casting, photo shoot, keep trying!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Comp card choices

Deciding what shots to use on your compcard is a battle sometimes.

Here are some tips:

1. a nice strong headshot, straight on to the camera, no tilting of head, just eyes staight on, for ideas: Look at the eyes of the person on the magazine covers

2. Body shots. It could be you in jeans, in a fitness outfit, in a bikini, or in a body parts pose. For example ideas: See the beauty section in magazines, or the product boxes for hand creams and body creams, or for another style look at a fitness magazine for ideas. It could be in action or you stretching.

3.Smiling. If you have personality and spunk and a great smile you want to show it.
This can be a seller, and almost for every commercial and print ad a smile is needed. Stop fussing over your teeth, photo shop can dix anything, just focus on getting a shot that shows your smile.

4. Action shot. It is good to have an action shot on your card, or a shot of you with a product. Even a shot of you getting out of a car, or taxi You putting on your shoes, or makeup, petting a dog, talking to another model in the shot to look like a lifestyle ad or editorial. For examples: Pick up a Cosmo magazine, or notice the ad campaigns for products like:
Banana Republic.

Something similar to these 4 shots should give you a great comp card!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Petite Modeling Awareness, No Experienced Needed?

When a casting or posting on an internet modeling site says No Experience Needed, it makes me feel like the posting is a major scam. I would be VERY careful when using the Internet to seek out modeling jobs. MOST are not professional. And to get anywhere in modeling you need to focuson professionalism.

I think you are better off pitching yourself as a model to jobs where experience IS Needed, even if you don't have any. That way at least you know you are working with people who are experienced and professional and maybe you can learn a thing or two!

Beware of agencies and postings that say NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, ANY HEIGHT WELCOME.Usually for the modeling business an agency that is legit will not advertising on such sites anyways, even as a short model, being petite usually is seen as a negative so if an agency doesn't care about the height, it makes me feel weary about them from the get-go.

If the agency is just open to models of all heights, then make sure it doesn't cost you an arm or a leg to work with them.

Also it is ok to freelance, you don't have to SIGN with an agency, just freelance and you will get work from more than one agency.

If you want to find an agency stick to Google. And try plugging in
Commercial Print Modeling agencies + NYC

Or Talent Agencys, as a petite model, we will have a harder time getting into the fashion agencies, but there is a lot of work out there for us!

Putting your best High Heel on!

For some great high heels, for your photo shotos and any day on the go,try Nina shoes!

I will be discussing my favorites this coming week!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Models and self promotion and research

Are you using the Internet to your advantage?

The Internet isn't only for hits and clicks, it is for doing some research.

If you want to model, sometimes you have to make it happen for yourself, it might sound like a lot of work, you might wonder" is it worth it for me to become my own agent and really start taking ahold of my goals?"...well I think it is possible and really what YOU SHOULD BE DOING, and that means really doing work. Legit, real modeling opportunities won't just happen by just being a called a model and the jobs, agency's, agents, print ads, and magazine work and commercials don't just come either. No thats not really how it happens. Usually for petite models, we have to work harder. To get in the door we have to put in a lot more hands on work.

Start researching agencies, magazines, products and photographers that you admire.

Ever see an ad for something and think to your self " Why can't that be me?"

Well for starters you need a photo that says you can.

I don't use modeling websites to "feel" like a model because I want to work as one.

Working as one is different than "feeling" like one.

You should be using the Internet as a research tool, but not relying on it to make a model.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Modeling Power and Photos

The eyes are the key to the soul and the image.
Eyes sell the product and the story and you.
When you shoot focus on your eyes, it might sound weird, but focus on the natural feeling of your face relaxing and your eyes pinning the camera.

It is internal and you will feel when you GOT THE SHOT, inside you can feel it.
It is a feeling of strength and glamour and as if a spot light it on you and you have something to say but without words and only in your eyes.

For a headshot, for an editorial, for an ad campaign shot, the eyes sell.

Turn away from the camera for a moment, cock your head, and flip the hair for a moment, maybe look down until you almost forget your are shooting, and look all around the studio, room, etc, to relax and then go back to the camera and BAM! Hit it with those eyes.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Petite Modeling is up to You

At the end of the day it is all you.
You are the one that keeps your goals running.
You are the one that keeps the energy flowing.
If you stayed in bed, or didn't try what would be your
last effect? Effort?

At the end of the day we are all promoting us and trying to get by.
We are hustling, and trying to slip into a new door, the door, or the same old door of acceptance.

waking up for the chance.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Writing a Letter to a Photographer you Want to Work With


I really love the black and white photography on your website. I am very interested in working with photographers who have personality found within their work. I love bringing my energy and my ideas to a shoot and I would love to share some of my ideas with you.

Enclosed are some images but I would really love to make more a statement with my images and I am curious if you ever test?


Writing an email to a photographer that maybe has an established resume,portfolio and website and experience, is a good idea. I think models get too wrapped up in the whole. I am a model, and I am told what to do. That they forget to be more involved with their shoots and bring something more than their bag of tricks and outfits. I think models should really KNOW what they want, have goals, and a plan, and each time you meet a photographer it isn't just about how can YOU help the photographer but how can the Photographer HELP YOU?

Petite modeling products for Less

Getting beauty products and hair products are a given when you are starting to model.
It is great if there is a makeup artist, but it is also great if you can take care of your own makeup and hair and still get a great shot.

I recently had one of the best shoots of my life and there wasn't a makeup artist.
I paid attention to my skin which is the most important part of modeling.

If a model has good skin it also means less money and time for re-touching.
Sometimes you have to think from the client perspective.
If you have bad skin, you might not get the job because the client will have to spend more money touching you up for longer.

Every job these days is touched up a little but taking care of your skin makes you stand out as a model and despite your lack of height your skin will be notice!

My favorite face cream is found at Bath and Body Works actually, it is pretty cheap too for the small bottles.
It is called: aquatanica Spa. I think the last time I was in there it was 4 for ten bucks or something crazy and wonderful! Here are some other new products to try:

These are some makeup brands to consider:

For hand creams a new product to try:

For footcreams, I like:
heel to toe

And for filing your nails try:

There are ways to have it all for less!

Petite Ethnic Models: Great Products

Here are some great products at a great price for ethnic models. These are good products to try and use before and during a shoot.

This is a relaxer that is full of moisture and cocoa butter.

Miss Jessie's
For hair of any length, long or short, it helps give recovery to brittle hair.

Fantasia Industries Corp.
This is a hair polisher, and it mends broken ends.

Creme of Nature
Organic and oils and moistures the hair

All of these products all MAY need models!
Why not check them out?

Good luck!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Petite Models Can you believe she is Only 5'1"?

Bend a leg, stretch your torso, and arch your back to create a taller look.

Petite Modeling Poses for your LEGS

Create spaces between your limbs, legs, and arms, -like this shot, to make your legs look longer and your whole body look leaner.

Petite Modeling and Posing your LEGS to Look Longer

Here are some photos and ideas to pose to make your legs look longer.

While standing put one leg infront of the other, creating some length in your legs.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Petite Modeling Research

If you are sent on a casting from your agency, always ASK Questions.

Ask what it is for before you show up clueless - Is it a print ad, commercial, ad campaign,etc.

If this is hard to get out of the agent or random casting director them be a little concerned. If an agent or casting director is sending you to a casting THEY should know these details.

Also ask, how much it pays, and what it involves.

It is best to get this up front so you wont end up confused, or uncomfortable at the casting and also so you know how much the job is paying ahead of time,in case you book it.

These days my agencies give me castings sometimes over email which is nice because it is all laid out, Name of the place, product, brand, casting, Time, place, rate, etc. Also it is good to keep it on file, eitehr written or email your self the information so you have it handy.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Modeling Scams over the Phone

I recently received a call and the other end said " Are you interested in modeling or acting?"

I found this very funny because all I have been doing the past 6 years is that!
Maybe I applied to their fake casting on Craigslist by mistake. Maybe they should have looked at my website and they would have seen all of my credits and photos and knew off the bat that clearly YES I am modeling and I have an acting reel and resume!

This was a clear sign that it was a scam or some set up where details don't matter.

It is easy to fall for a scam, when you are so anxious and ambitious to get ahead.

One question models fail to ask when they have an interview, or phone conversation or sign up with an agency, or modeling website is:

Why do you think I would be a great model?

Not asking to get approval but to test whether this agent, agency, website on the other end of the phone actually has seen your photo and isn't full of shit.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Petite Models and Products You can Model

Next time you flip through a magazine don't just notice the girls and the clothing and the makeup,ect.

But notice who is taking the photos. Get the photographer name written down in your agenda book, and start researching photographers who shoot for a purpose and maybe it could mean you will end up in the magazine too.

Seriously start to take action towards your modeling career.

Just getting an agent and putting your photo on a website wont be the end all.

You need to know your industry, and take hold of your goals, and instead of wondering when the job will come to you, start seeking out your jobs.

If you love a certain pair of jeans, or handbag, or know of an aspiring company, brands, or store opening in your town. Why not ask if they ever need a model?

It might sound unconventional and new, and it is. It is called self marketing.

Try it.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Petite models take a Chance for Themselves

Unlike a girl of 5'10, a petite model is 5'1" or shorer- 5'6" and getting representation is a struggle. In all honesty breaking down the door and getting with an agency sometimes means adjusting your interests and goals. And being realistic with yourself.

If you go to an open call at a modeling agency and you get turned down, don't be mislead to think your chances are over or give up.

Start understanding what an agent is. A booker. Someone who has the connections and clients and who is marketing themselves too - Agencys are marketing themselves as a place to find the best of quality of models, and from their perspective they don't want to miss out a chance on getting a model booked because of her lack height when the client asked for a girl of 5'8 why is the agent going to send you? A girl of 5'1 or 5'4?

Sometimes you have to give the agency a reason to work with you, of course this means your photos need to be strong and you need to sell your personality and your availability and your energy as well. You might be 6 inches shorter than the models they usually work with but...

Are your pictures flattering and all have a commercial or editorial look?
Are you showing diversity in your images?
Do you have a nice clean headshot?
Do you have a nice lifestyle and body shot too?
Did you mention your on time and easy to work with?
Did you mention What you like about modeling and some jobs that might be perfect fit for you?

" I would be great for any casting you have that has to do with makeup or beauty because I have great eyes and even skin tone." Even if the agent is in front of you and can see this for his or her self, it is good to say it to bring out your positives right away, and let the height an issue to forget!

Goodluck & Cheers!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ethnic Models

Ethnic models have alot of doors open! There is no reason to wait; there are plenty of opportunities for ethnic models, from hair care, to clothing, to lifestyle products. Ethnic models are on every source of advertising medium. From Print, to Commercials, to TV Hosts to Ad campaigns. From Liquors to shoes, and lipstick. And not just only in the ethnic market but nation wide and world wide. Every single magazine out there has used ethnic models and many magazines accept photos by mail, so there is not excuse and reason not to submit yourself and try.

All modeling agencies have ethnic divisions, but if you are a petite model, try a commercial print agency not only a high end fashion agency. The commercial print agency will be more likely to accept you and pick up the phone and ask “do you have an ethnic division? Then say...I'd like to submit my photos. And do it.

A nice face shot and a nice body shot! Smiling shots are best for print modeling, show your personality

Petite Models What have You Done for You Lately?

Each day is a chance to do something for your pursuits. Something even as simple as going to the post office and mailing your photos to an agent or casting director.

Taking ahold of your pursuits and setting goals only will lead you in the right direction, as a model and as a person.

Building your portfolio book as a petite model should mean that each photo is unique and sells your best assets, this means getting quality prints and a great place for photos for cheap is

There is a store in NYC but you can even order your photo prints online and they have great prices especially for a limited budget.

Launching your career, putting together a portfolio book, compcard, etc, shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg and if an agency tries to peel money out of you then peel yourself right out of the door, you can get representation, an agent, and photos for free you should never have to pay for great images, and you should never have to give any agency any money besides the percent from booking you a modeling job.

Use each day to get ahead, and strive and keep the energy going! Better your images, better yourself and start taking ahold of your pursuits.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Submitting to a Magazine

Even the editors say they accept photos by mail or email. So why haven't you tried yet?

Skipping the middle man is no easy feat. But it is possible and worth a try.

You can gain a resume just by licking a stamp or clicking the enter button on your computer.

Why not take a few of your best shots and submit them to the photo editors or editors at a magazine you want to be inside of.

Don't just pick fashion magazines. Remember that magazines even Psychology magazines needs models for their covers.

Spend a day in the book store and pick up some magazines you like, if your budget is low. Then grab a few, sit in one of the book rows and write down the names of the editors you want to mail your photos too. Or emails.

Go ahead. Try it. You will see results and it is worth a shot. What do you really have to lose?

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Hobby and Modeling Career in You

Is modeling a career? or a hobby?

Is modeling full time? Or is modeling part time?

These are questions that can inspire our action and pursuits and goals.

When the average girl in America wants to start modeling she goes to the Internet, or maybe even these days to her Facebook or Myspace page. But getting in a magazine, working with a brand requires ALOT more. Work, and also approach, in the right way.

Alot of this has to do with persistance, and drive. With networking and surrouding yourself with ambitious minds.

Like an athlete...if you want to play in the NBA you need to make your craft a partof your life.

Ask yourself...
do you have a compcard? And other tools to market yourself. Or are you expecting only one outlet with your photo downloaded on it to sell you?

How will you be remembered when you leave a casting,meeting or photoshoot?

Modeling now means "the marketing of you" and it doesn't end with a click on the computer it only begins, but your outlets need to be beyond the Internet. The Internet can also make you appear amatuer.

Using the Internet as a Petite model on a Budget

The Internet is not the place to start a modeling pursuit:

You need to remember these things

1. Hits and clicks don't equal tear sheets and tear sheets are what will make you stand apart as a model, especially a petite model.

2. It is easy to just forget about magazines, and ad campaigns when it seems everyone and their mother is a model on the web, but modeling takes place off the Internet and working with agents and agencies and editors, casting directors, is what will get you ahead.

3. remember it is best to spend your cash on a portfolio book, a compcard and start walking into real auditions and castings then just counting each day how many random people hit your page,....does that really matter and define you as a model?

Aim higher!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Modeling for a Product and a Point

Here are some props that are handy at your shoots to create lifestyle photos which work best for petite models. Try shooting these items like an ad campaign, pick up a magazine to get ideas from ads. As a petite model, you might not make it into a photo spread in Vogue but you have a bigger chance being in ad campaign for a product, like a hair product, or a handbag company. To get this work it sometimes means showing examples through shooting...

Handbags coffee, alcoholic beverages, soda
Panty hose
jewelry-like rings

....and paint your fingernails and toes, even clear... the shiny reflection looks nice but depending on the outfit and atmosphere the color shouldn't be too bold.

Petite Modeling Tips by Looking in the Mirror

Being petite means right off the bat it will be hard. The self serving you will do is extreme. And even getting one tear sheet will be after you have hustled or met the right people, or plain and simple applied yourself and submitted yourself.

But by taking a chance and trying you are opening the door a little wider for petite models everywhere. It is worth trying and striving even though it will be very hard.

A few things to keep in mind to stay focused:

1. Stick to what you got: Notice your traits, ( great eyes, lips, hair,ect), -not your flaws. Shorter models are being used more often in ad campaigns and print work and by promoting yourself towards this type of work you can get exposed and start to get a resume.

2.Use more than your body to get places. Use your hair, your petite proportions, and curvy for the better, and remember most women,girls are 5'3" through 5'6" most people aren't TALL. But to model and to beat the standards you need to get over the sexy part of model, that will only last so long, showing your ass will fade soon and you will find that the money and bigger exposure is in using yourself in more commercial and editorial ways.

3. Make every encounter count, whether the photographer was a jerk, or the agent said no...learn something from each experience. Before the agent slams the door in your face ask the agent. "WHAT DO YOU like about ME?" What do you think I have that I shoulf focus on as a model? Ask questions and look in the mirror. Your answers will be there.

4. Set goals for yourself and focus on them whether it be to be in a magazine or to simply work with more talented photographers.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Your Height As a Model is Second

Sometimes you have to make your own dreams come true. If that dream is modeling and you aren't 5'10 don't worry it can still be a realistic dream to model.

1. Work with Ambitious People: If you work with photographers that have ideas, drive, ambition and who want to be in magazines like you do then you will see results.

2. Be Realistic right Away: Except that you aren't a fashion model, and might never be famous or a super model but that there is modeling work for you as a petite model.

3. As a petite model remember that Modeling isn't only about sex and being sexy, it is about selling a product with this in mind start shooting you images like ad campaigns, shoot panty hose but in an advertising style, have shots with makeup on and off, and shoot jewelry, shoes, bags and style your hair in unique ways for hair magazine style shots.

4. Don't stick to one look. Have it all. Color, Black and White, Film and Digital, get enough styles of yourself for diversity in your portfolio book. Don't only shoot the same shot over and over, show your range from swimwear and also jeans and fashion shots, I don't mean high fashion I mean laughing and being the girl next door too.
(P.S for a portfolio book, Go to an Art Store, because some photography stores are expensive!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Petite Modeling isn't Just Being SEXY

We all want an ego boost, but modeling is about selling a product, making a statement within your look. YOUR LOOK can be:

The styling
The Makeup
Your Expression
The Location
The Product
The Theme

Posing nude is fun and can be glamourous but focus on what will get you ahead, if you want to be in Playboy then focus on the styling of the magazine, focus on the makeup, on the scenery, on the images and photography, and try to match those looks in your portfolio and compcard and pictures. Some modeling agencies do work with Nude Magazines, but also you can submit your self if you work with a photographer that understands the look you want and you get pictures that are similar to the magazine you are submitting too. Also even if you are submitting yourself to a nude magazine, include some of your personality, a note, a poem, anything! Sell yourself, not just your ass and tits too!

If you want to model jeans or jewelry then make sure they are apart of your shoots. If you want to model for Verizon or a watch company then put on the damn watch and pose! Get images that reflect the goals you have. It will also prove to the company,casting director, and agency that you can be sellable if you show what you are capable of with your pictures. In modeling your pictures are the first thing seen and the sell your personality, be remembered, but focus on quality images and stray away from anything that isn't going to be a growth experience for yourself as a model and person.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Petite Modeling Magazines

Deciding you want to model when you are under 5'7" means you are petite. It means getting into the agency door is going to be a bitch. It means to even get any modeling work will be a challenge...but don't be let down yet!

There are opportunities in these types of magazines that maybe you haven't considered.

Modeling isn't just Vogue. It isn't just being naked either, you don't have to show your Vagina either. Modeling is sometimes hiding in places you wouldn't expect. Consider these magazines and a trip to Barnes and Noble or to get inspired. Usually if you focus on getting shots that might match the look of these type of magazines and then if you research the photo editors of the magazines might find your self inside the magazine or even on the cover.

Bead Magazine
Craft Magazines
Home furnishing magazines
Travel Magazine
Hair magazines
Wedding Magazines
Knitting magazines
Jewelry magazines ( trade magazines like jewelry can be found by Googling Jewelry Magazine)
Shoe Magazines ( trade magazines like this can be found by Googling)
Lingerie Magazines ( Not just Maxim but speciality magazines for the Lingerie Industry too)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Petite Models, think beyond the Typical Model Muse Box

Petite models need to Think beyond the norm. Being the underdog means you have to think to get ahead. You have to think creatively about getting in the door and booking jobs and get the photos you need.

This can mean: Being more in control at your shoots, and working with a photographer who has goals and a creative energy and when at your shoots try styling them and creating the concepts for the story you want to tell within your photos, - if you want to be in a jeans ad campaign or be a hair model or beauty model or lingerie model, you need to shoot in these styles and continue to work on your poses and styling of your shoots.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Petite Models: Your Photos Mean Money

It might take a few weeks or months but it is worth the wait. Your Photos are all you got to sell you and in a matter of seconds you are in or out. So make sure you have shots that are clean, clear and represent you naturally. A Natural headshot will get you further than any card, because your face will be judged before your short legs! As a petite model you gotta focus on what you got so put together shoots that involve accessories where height doesn't matter,
like shooting handbags, sunglasses, lingerie, shoes, bathingsuits, try to put a product in each of your shots! Local designers in your town or city might loan you items to shoot, which can spice up your shoots. Your photos are the only thing that can sell you through an agent, and casting director so focus on the quality of your photo shoots and working with photographers who are as driven as you are.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Petite Model and Body Part Compcard

If you are petite most likely you have really nice "parts" proportioned and if so you could also put together a body parts card featuring your hands, feet, legs, stomach, back side, because there is a lot of modeling jobs available for petite models through body part modeling. For example in the beauty section in magazines you might see a shot of a girls lips, or hands or feet, these are body part photos, and asking a photographer to also shoot your Parts seperately might be a good idea.

Modeling Agencies look for in a Petite Model

Modeling Agencies look for:

-clear facial skin, with a natural attractive, appealing, fresh look. This can mean sometimes tweezing and shaping eyebrows.
-stylish and clean, healthy hair
-that your hair has personality and fits your face shape
-your body skin color is of one tone
-you have a proportioned body no matter your height
-have limited blemishes or can cover them with makeup
-neat hands and toes
-that you are on time and easy to work with
-that you return phone calls and if cancel a job give notice

For commercial print modeling agencies usually the model has to provide the comp cards which the agency will use to sell you, this composite card is like your photo marketing tool, it is a 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" card stock portfolio featuring 3-5 of your best shoots and looks. Showing diversity on this card is going to make you more sellable as a model. Showing shots of your range and personality and diversity as a model. From being sophisticated to showing some skin.

Petite Modeling Agencies

These are great print Modeling Agencies in New York City, they all accept photos through mail or email:

Cunningham Escott-